Banker bust looking at nude photo’s of Miranda Kerr on live TV.

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David Kiely biscuit you.

Stockbroker, David Kiely was bust on live television the other day perving pictures of Miranda Kerr and her nekkidness from a recent GQ shoot.

Give that man a raise.

Bwwwahahha. Love your work buddy.

Here’s the image he was perving: coz i know you want to research this story proper.

For more (no not pics of Miranda) on the story visit the Daily Telegraph HERE.

Good times.


Jesus quits Madonna…

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Jesus Luz and Madonna are done and dusted.

For the love of… ( that would just be TOO much hey).

Maybe it was the picture of his crooked wanger i posted last week (HERE) that made them split up or the fact that there’s a 173 year age difference. Maybe he didn’t really like prune juice. Who knows…either way, the Mail Online reports that they have split up.


You know what. I really don’t give a rats ass whether they genuinely broke up or not, but here it is none-the-less. I do it for YOU….everything i do…i do it for you.There’s no love, like your love.

“Madonna is reported to have split from her ‘toy boy’ boyfriend Jesus Luz.

The Brazilian model is said to have ended the relationship with the 51-year-old star because of the 28-year age difference and their busy work schedules.

A source told the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper the split was initiated by 23-year-old Luz.” [mailonline]

Any bets on who’s next?

“We are the world”..part 2 starring Vince Vaughn.

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Remember way back when (25 years to be exact) that “We Are the World song” with Michael Jackson and Lionel Ritchie  raised money for humanitarian aid in Africa and the US.

Well, “We Are The World: the remake” was recorded the other day (February 1st) with a star studded cast singing the song with proceeds going to Haiti following the devastating earthquake there.

Vince Vaughn is the lead singer. 

Not really, but for some reason his ass is singing and that is so f*cking outstanding that from now he will be the only famous person i’m associating with this thing. Check it.

In completely unrelated news here’s Vince “you’re so money” Vaughn giving his opinion on boobs.


The “We Are The World” part two is schedueled for release during the opening ceremony of the 2010 Winter Olympics on February 12th.

Good times

“Die Antwoord” getting crazy reviews overseas..

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Cape Town rave rap group Die Antwoord cracked the nod on several big international sites yesterday and its quite interesting to see the reaction of foreign audiences.

Just so you know , Die Antwoord is a zef rap-rave crew from Cape Town,South Africa  and describe themselves like such:

“Die Antwoord is a lovable, mongrel-like entity made in Zuid Afrika, the love-child of many diverse cultures, black, white, coloured and alien, all pumped into one wild and crazy journey down the crooked path to enlightenment.”

Next time somebody asks me what the the answer to life is..that’s so what i’m saying ( that and 42).

Over on Dlisted, Die Antwoord  made ” Hot Sluts of the Day” with legendary editor Michael K calling them equal part horror and awesome.

Xeni Jardin at Boing Boing  didn’t really say anything, but the mere fact that they cracked a mention says enough. The comments section of the post is well worth reading to get a feeling of what foreigners think of them. Here’s a little copy/paste incase your ass is  too lazy to make the jump.

Hey, how sick is that?

Die Antwoord  from Cape Town making waves overseas. What did you expect.

Good times.

KFC advert: offensive or not?

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I won’t lie.

I love this television commercial that’s on at the moment. Laugh every time it airs (come now..its funny).

Apparently though its been getting some complaints with various consumer watchdog sites as well as in print media and i’m wondering what all the fuss is all about.


What do you reckon.

Most of you Life is Savage followers will have had a good lag, but there are definately some folks out there who don’t find it funny.

At all.

Take this lady for example who complained on


I think the ad was lighthearted. The woman is pregnant. She’s supposed to be adding on the kilo’s.

What’s the big deal?

Love equals football: Zidan and his hair .

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Egypt have won the Africa Cup of Nations. Congratulations, but we are not here to talk about their epic victory. Go google some sports site.

THIS is what we are on about.

That’s Egyptian player Zidan (yes i can read), using his head as a walking billboard during the final.

And here i thought that PUMA’s “Love equals football” advertising campaign was confined to the pavements of Cape Town (HERE).


Schneaky..very schneaky.

FHM Models Top 10 is heating up..

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I’ve already done a post on the 2010 FHM models Top 10 , but i felt it was neccessary to show how the boys over at For Him Magazine are currently handling this situation.

Here’s the top 10 model finalists.

Those are all South African ladies (except one from Namibia..close enough) and  like i said last time..

We want Linda Botha to win. She’s from Cape Town. The blonde, top left.

Nuff said.

Voting closes soon so get on it.

Good times.