Life is Savage has moved house.

Someone threatened to kill a puppy if i didn’t tell you guys this.

So here goes.

Life is Savage has been undergoing a sexy little makeover and things have been under construction of late, hence the lack of posts up in here.

No need to panic because all that happened is that we packed up shop and moved locations to a new home.

Everyone (that would be me) here at the old Life is Savage would like to say thanks for the support, the memories and the good times.

To all of you who get email notifications feel free to cancel your old subscription and make sure to add your email to the new one HERE

Same goes for the RSS feed if you know how to use that bad boy. has added a Twitter account HERE and even a Facebook account HERE if you feel like getting closer to my person.

So lets kick this pig shall we.

See you on the other side.

Peace,light and happyness.


~ by mcsavage on February 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “Life is Savage has moved house.”

  1. Hey – no one gives a fuck about your stupid little blog. You had your 15 seconds of fame uploading that picture and starting that Facebook group. People aren’t here because they like you or your blog(s), but because they liked that one Facebook drama picture. Not you.

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