Male supermodel gets arrested..offers police a BJ

Bwwwaahahhahahahhahaha… this is as good as it gets on a Friday folks.

Here’s Nick Snider wishing you a good weekend and maybe some oral sex if you happen to be a male police officer who arrests him.


That’s his mugshot.

The 21 year old schmodel (who was voted in the top 5 male supermodels in 2008 by Forbes) was arrested for drunken behaviour and told police officers the following gem:

I am a very famous model

The police didn’t fall for that one so they stuck him in the police car where he recited the male supermodel mantra:

If you stop I’ll suck your dick and balls if you let me go“.

Bwaaaahhhhaaaaha. Way to go are now officially famous. You are definately getting all the jobs now.

Here’s Nick in one of his more famous ads.


More at the Huffington Post.

Good times.

~ by mcsavage on February 5, 2010.

4 Responses to “Male supermodel gets arrested..offers police a BJ”

  1. haahahahahaha!! FUN-NAY!

  2. I also want serious photoshopping skills.

  3. Now we know how this boy got his job in the first place LOL

  4. cleva boy!

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