KFC advert: offensive or not?

I won’t lie.

I love this television commercial that’s on at the moment. Laugh every time it airs (come now..its funny).

Apparently though its been getting some complaints with various consumer watchdog sites as well as in print media and i’m wondering what all the fuss is all about.


What do you reckon.

Most of you Life is Savage followers will have had a good lag, but there are definately some folks out there who don’t find it funny.

At all.

Take this lady for example who complained on hellopeter.com


I think the ad was lighthearted. The woman is pregnant. She’s supposed to be adding on the kilo’s.

What’s the big deal?


~ by mcsavage on February 2, 2010.

3 Responses to “KFC advert: offensive or not?”

  1. I love the ad. And I’m a woman and was pregnant and will be again.
    this ad reminds me of the iFind ad where the punch line was the guy must find new accomodation. Was something along the lines of Girl: “Do these jeans make me look fat?” Guy:”No, the chocolates you eat do.”

    ??so, was that one also complained about??

    • Thanks Tracy. Everyone i know seems to have enjoyed the funny side of the commercial and i’ve yet to hear from someone who doesn’t. KFC have been on a roll in the recent past with several of their ads featuring tongue-in-cheek humour. They must be doing something right since its getting people to notice.
      I can’t recall the other ad you mention, but it sounds familiar. A link would be appreciated so we can all laugh

  2. Agh it was good for a laugh – to go and actually complain about it seems a little over the top. You’re never going to please everybody but every now and then there are things I dislike, it doesn’t mean I’m going to rush out and complain about them!

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