Tuscany Beach sold for R20 million at auction.

The Tuscany Beach restaurant in Camps Bay, Cape Town went under the hammer the other day and was sold for R20 million.

I bid R21 million, but then Dave from Caprice gave me a dirty look so i backed down cause he knows if i had bought it i’d demolish the entire building put a fence around the plot, park my trailer in the middle and sit on my deck chair and watch while my chickens run in and out of Caprice.

The building was auctioned by Alliance Group and fetched considerably less than the R44 million that was paid for the structure a little further down where the Grand Cafe now is.

Wonder what’s gonna  happen to Tuscany Beach? Anyone know if they gonna stay or if something new is gonna go in there.

Apparently the buyer is a local property developer, but my sources tell me he was definately foreign.

I reckon a 7 Eleven would rock there…i’m so over paying R10 (fifteen if you’re not a local) for a damn Coke on the beach.


~ by mcsavage on January 29, 2010.

One Response to “Tuscany Beach sold for R20 million at auction.”

  1. It was only a change in the Freehold title of ownership,Tuscany is still staying as the lease holder and long may it continue,their cocktails are the best!

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