Supermodel seen @ Caprice..

I know its Wednesday, but get your hand off your wanger because this one is for the ladehs.

Male supermodel Shaun DeWet was spotted recently at Cafe Caprice just chilling, enjoying the sun…standard procedure for Caprice really.


Dude with the dark sunglasses is what you’re aiming for ladies.


These supermodel types…think everyone is a stalker. (ok i did get kinda close).

And incase you don’t have a clue who Shaun DeWet is (he’s South African and calls Cape Town home)… let me refresh your memory quick.


BOOM. What did i tell you ladies. Not too shabby hey.

I bumped into my mate Shaun again at the Waterfront today and he’s in Cape Town for a while.

See..just another reason to visit Caprice. If you see him tell him i say hi…

Oh..and while we are here i might as well remind you about The Blue Room, Caprice’s tent at the J&B Met. If you don’t already have tickets then email or call +27214388315 .

blue room


~ by mcsavage on January 27, 2010.

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