Chilled Sunset Grooves @ The Roundhouse, Cape Town

Listen up folks.

I may have found a new favourite place on Friday’s. Take at look at the image below taken at The Roundhouse in the Glen, Cape Town last Friday.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

I mean amazing is that.

Can you think of a more beautiful background to enjoy a decent glass of wine while listening to some really chilled, locally produced Cafe Del Mar type music…while surrounded by stunning people.

Its only the second week that Chilled Sunset Grooves at The Roundhouse has taken place on the lawns (called the Rumbullion….no clue what it means, but it sounds fancy)and  word is spreading so fast that booking one of those long picnic tables is essential.

I arrived just after 5pm and it filled up really quickly. The long tables on the lawns already had  picnic baskets on them. Staff were great and the DJ (apparently a well known pilates instructor) played some outstanding music that fit in perfectly with the chilled atmosphere.

There were ladies dressed up like the were going to the J&B Met, guys in shorts, people with kids, dogs running name it. I like.

I know what i’m doing this coming Friday. Good times for sure if the weather plays along.

See you there.

For more info check out the website HERE or the Facebook page HERE and i may as well throw in a review of the food from Relax with Dax HERE.

The Roundhouse
Kloof Road, The Glen, Camps Bay
Cape Town

~ by mcsavage on January 25, 2010.

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