Man TV launches at Mavericks, Cape Town

Not sure if you guys have noticed those little speech bubbles around Cape Town..stuck on random places. Like Camps Bay on a bus stop poster of the Bar.

I was wondering what those were and it all became clear last week when MAN  launched at Mavericks.

What is MAN..let me school you quick:

“Man is the first dedicated documentary series to be set in Cape Town. Using local knowledge, lesser known locations and natural splendor coupled with its repute as a vibrant city, the viewer becomes acquainted with Cape Town as a fifth Character. Our characters give us an insight into why so many men in their 30’s are single. What influences Cape Town’s contemporary man? How does he interact socialize, break the ice, mingle and pick-up? Through the characters, Man exposes the workings of Cape Town’s social mechanism.” [mantv]

Did you get that..exposing the workings of Cape Town’s social mechanism. Add that as a job description next time you’re at Caprice speaking to a potential lady friend.

Who are the guys heading up MAN.  Take a look at these sexy beasts.

That’s (from left) Kaiser, Henri, Trevor and Maurice knocking the crap out of the Miami Vice look.

Actually ran into Maurice yesterday outside the Grand in Camps Bay. Reminded me of a clip i found of the promo for the series. Check it.

Good times.

For more visit HERE (there’s footage of the launch at Mavericks). The show airs 22 January on SABC 3. Lets hope that finally some decent programming comes to the channel.


~ by mcsavage on January 18, 2010.

4 Responses to “Man TV launches at Mavericks, Cape Town”

  1. Hey Mcsavage,

    Thanks for the props on your blog. Drop me a mail re Man, have some spice for you.


  2. Ooohhh! We love spice!

  3. is this some kind of Sex and the city for man????:) looks interesting.

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