Celebrity Survivor South Africa: Santa Carolina..the contestants.

It’s no secret that Life is Savage is no fan of the Survivor show (especially since that SABC 3  China cock up HERE) , but im gonna give the new Celebrity Survivor South Africa on MNET the benefit of the doubt.

If only to witness lovely Christina Storm get sand in her bum crack.

Here’s the low down from MNET:

“Survivor South Africa is back with a twist. This time around 18 stars are marooned to a deserted island in Mozambique where they’re scheming, plotting and playing to be the last person standing and pocket R500 000 for themselves and a charity of their choice.

The small island of Santa Carolina, deceptively nicknamed ‘Paradise’, lies 14km west of the luxurious holiday location of Bazaruto but did not offer the hospitality of its larger neighbour!”.[MNET]

Oooooh…that island sounds incredibly harsh and physically demanding …im so scared and waving my arms in the air in a very sarcastic manner..pfftt..b*tch please. My pals Andrew and Jeannie went on holiday near there recently and the most danger they were in was from sunburn.

Anyway..the show claims to have 18 celebs..not sure about some of them, but here’s the full list.

1. Cindy Nell-Roberts, 28 (Strictly Come Dancing, Miss SA)

2. Ashley Hayden, 42 (Strictly Come Dancing)

3. Garth Collins, 43 (Strictly Come Dancing)

4. Sade Giliberti, 24 (So You Think You Can Dance – host)

5. Kaseran Pillay, 33 (Going Nowhere Slowly)

6. Izak Davel, 26 (Scab in Egoli)

7. Christina Storm, 35 (Bienkie 2, Egoli)

8. Gys de Villiers, 49 (7de Laan, Binnelanders)

9. Sandi Schultz, 45 (Dr Adams, Binnelanders)

10. Okkert Brits, 36 (former pole vaulter)

11. Darren Maule, 37 (comedian and actor, Hard Copy)

12. Craig Jacobs, 35 (designer)

13. GiGi, 42 (exotic dancer and actress)

14. ProVerb, 28 (hiphop artist)

15. Jub Jub, 29 (musician)

16. Lady Lea, 29 (DJ)

17. Hanna Grobler, 27 (actress and Bok van Blerk’s girlfriend)

18. Louw Venter, 34 (actor, comedian)

Any bets that Christina and GiGi the stripper have a go at each other. And how the names of those two musicians..ProVerb and Jub Jub…..so calling my next gimp Jub Jub.

Good times.

Survivor SA: Santa Carolina will be broadcast on M-Net on Wednesday 20 January at 19h30.

Footnote: “James.. is there snow on the mountain?” (sorry insider joke).


~ by mcsavage on January 15, 2010.

2 Responses to “Celebrity Survivor South Africa: Santa Carolina..the contestants.”

  1. Hope it airs on us tv

  2. Ja, the weak ragged tooth player decides to get rid of the hard working 100% Boervrou. How cunning. Mooi Ashley – i almost forgot you existed. That was until i saw the GAP.

    Christina? Was she there??

    Rotting genitals, crap math skills, huge self-importance. Nah, this survivor sux big time.

    I think SA should stop making Survivor. It is quite embarrassing!

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