Secret businessman gives away Audi R8 to car guards in Cape Town.

No f*ckin way.

This better not be Seth’s from otherwise i will be the first to bow down to some  sick marketing genius.

Whoever gave this car away is a legend. Maybe the legend of legends.

Apparently an anonymous businessman was feeling generous and purchased an Audi R8 (R1.4 million) and gave it to two car guards working at the Cable Station at the foot at Table Mountain, Cape Town.

Fabrice Munqanga-Mungala and DesirŽ Shima were given the car and police have confirmed that all the paper work is in order.

There is even a sticker on the bonnet saying “A future for all”.

Generosity makes me happy. Now go out there and spread some love.

Good times.

UPDATE: My bad..forgot to credit the photo to my mate Jordi Matas. Nice one.


~ by mcsavage on January 14, 2010.

9 Responses to “Secret businessman gives away Audi R8 to car guards in Cape Town.”

  1. Audis are my favourite cars.

  2. Can anyone confirm the truth to the rumour that the recepients of the car (for some strange reason I do not understand) went and cut a hole in the bonnet of the car ? Sounds a bit far-fetched, but any confirmation on this ?

  3. It would seem it is true, according to the Cape Times ( and an excerpt reads “The duo have cut a slit in the bonnet for people to drop off messages or slip in donations. Around the slit are the words: “A better future for all.” The engine is in the back of the car.
    The duo felt it was necessary to create the slit so that they could spread the donor’s message. ”

    I have no words…

  4. yeh there is a hole in the bonnet (the bonnet is the boot) so it works like a piggy bank and you can put cash in (for fuel and services i presume 😉

    check the link

  5. My mate Jordi took that pic:

  6. […] […]

    • I’m with your thinking chaps..very curious how this turns out. I said from the beginning it may be great marketing, but i wanna believe that the secret businessman is for real and that there are some amazing people out there. Good times either way 🙂

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