Fatal shark attack in Fish Hoek gets Twittered/Tweeted.

A fatal shark attack took place at Fish Hoek beach today and the drama was captured on Twitter as users updated events as they unfolded.

That came from Twitter user Gregg Copen (@skabenga) who lives in the area.

Unconfirmed reports came in that the man was severed at the torso before the shark returned for the rest. Its also unclear who the man was and where he was from. The NSRI stated the individual was a white male in his thirties while other sources claim he was from Zimbabwe or the DRC.

That’s Fish Hoek beach right there. Needless to say i will no longer be swimming there.

Photo courtesy fishhoek.com HERE.

[Thanks Kenny]


~ by mcsavage on January 13, 2010.

One Response to “Fatal shark attack in Fish Hoek gets Twittered/Tweeted.”

  1. Well I think every one has got a fright this time, but when you come to think of it the shark or sharks are born to be in the sea,. That’s their home. I think us humans need to be more responsible and not loose our heads when we go swimming, and our children should not be left alone on any beach. there are many natural pools to go to so lets choose the safe side, rather than to be eaten alive.

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