Guy posts his sisters hookup list on Facebook…and tags all the guys. Priceless.

Bwwaaaahahahahahahahhaaa………i nearly pee’d myself.

This is truly a work of genius and it happens to be kak funny.

You see, a girl called Katie tells her parents that she found a dozen beers in her kid brother’s room which gets him grounded for 3 months. Harsh. Chris now has plenty of time on his hands so he rummages through her room and finds this little list of pure goodness which he promptly posts on Facebook and tags all the guys.

All hail King Chris.

Love your work.

Ahhh..the good times.

[Thanks Ryan and Ryan]

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~ by mcsavage on January 8, 2010.

202 Responses to “Guy posts his sisters hookup list on Facebook…and tags all the guys. Priceless.”

  1. PURE GOLD!!!!! I love it!!!!

  2. LMAO!!!! Introduce me to this kid so I can shake his hand

  3. AHAHAHAHAH thats fucking jokes.

  4. wow. that’s such a dick move. DOUCHEBAAG! i feel really bad for this katie girl 😦

  5. Couldn’t find something better for revenge if it was in a movie!

  6. HahahahahahahaX122348247238947239.1 That’s GREATTTTT 😀 !!!!!

  7. win.

  8. This made my whole fucking week.
    thank you chris 🙂
    i would have done the SAME thing 😛


  10. i would never do that but if my bro did this to me i would cut his dick off

  11. haha lmao this is priceless!! although bad on many different levels rofl lawl!

  12. I love life! I love beer! And this chick tried to ruin her brother’s drinking. Bad move as we see here! Chris… you are a god! And your sister is a slut and everybody she knows and others that don’t know your sister knows she is DDIIIIRRTTYYYYY!!!!! Comment at the end is priceless!

  13. lmao whos this chris kidd hahaha

  14. Thanks for the all the support people. Glad you enjoyed that one. Will try keep’em coming. Remember to visit the new Life is Savage for more of the good times

  15. There is only one word to describe that…that was performance, you my friend are a hero! thats awesome


  17. whoever this kid is… bo$$ shit man hahahha wish i hadda sister so i cud do this..


  19. Hahahaha man u r such and asshole BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (I would never do that to my lil bro


  21. This is fucking win. This kid deserved a medal

  22. Karma is a cruel b*%$h!! Hahahahahahaha

  23. this made my dull day into fu**ing great day!!!! lold at it so hard tht i sprained myself

  24. hahahaha quality, she shouldn’t be such a slut WOOP WOOP

  25. i acknowledge this is slack but



  26. i want to be this dudes friend on facebook hahaha. so awesome

  27. LMAO winner. x

  28. omfg this is amazing i wish i thought of this lmao props to u chris!!

  29. oh my god i need to be this kid’s facebook friend to thank him for this hilarity

  30. Legend

  31. lmfaoooooo. she shouldnt have wrote that shit down :p

  32. Haha, take that slut.

  33. That is classic… he lives by my rule… don’t get mad… GET EVEN! Karma bitch! Don’t rat out your brother before hiding (very very well) anything that would get you in trouble!

  34. lmfao rofl thats so mean but fuckin hilarious! what a slut

  35. Haahaa. Yeahh this is GOLD!(: thats the funniest thing i’ve ever heard(: Well played, Chris. Well played(:

  36. Chris = God.

  37. Your just fucking jealous that your sister can make a list and act upon it, wheres your list….oh yeah your a guy u only think u can get a shag when u want one……Other way round wake up and smell the coffee dick head…..

  38. ….like….i want to be his best friend. THIS IS SO AWESOME! “what are you gonna do? tell mom and dad that i posted your dick sucking list to facebook? go ahead.” classic. way to go man. waaaay tooo goo=)

  39. is there a facebook group dedicated to this guy?
    if there is can someone post a link so i can join it??

  40. epic success!!!

  41. THIS.

  42. wowww! she should’ve had ur back with the beer thing…

  43. wow! ok first off. if she didnt want anyone to find it why write it down?!!!!! WHORE much.. and chris… i fucking LOVE YOU! its girls like your sister who give us a bad name… sorry. but what goes around comes around and she got what she deserved..

  44. ROFLMAO!!! holy shit you showed her whats up man!

  45. Chris (whoever you are) that was a very dickish move to do.. Thats your sister have you no respect for yourself or your sister?

  46. rofl das lk da best paybak EVER! feel bad fer da ppl who dink ur sister’s sweet nd innocent but at least now dey kno she’s a whory slut haha man das lk gold dude ura genius!

  47. This can never be taken back. How will you live with yourself if someone takes this awful revenge and uses it as an excuse to hurt your sister in ways that I don’t even want to think about? These kinds of posts can lead to suicide or even rape and murder. A lifetime of suffering and degredation are not worth a few minutes of triumph. You need help.

    • Most bullshit reply ever much? xD
      It was to get revenge on his sister…it’s not going to lead to rape you fucked up individual..

      • how do u know dat???…..would you dat to ur own sister, make everyone call her a whore, that is very severe….he can take back wat he did…its amazing to c all of ur guy’s comments…are all of u mentally challenged?

    • Erherherm, I do believe this is called “Darwinism”. If she can’t recover from this, her genes are not worthy. DESTROY THE WEAK, DESTROY THE WEAK! I kid. Still, you’re a drama whore.

    • If I was going to rape someone, I wouldn’t pick a slut. So he might have actually saved his sister from being raped.

    • dude if this leads to that bitch doing herself in she deserves to die…ppl get made fun of all the time…GROW UP its life…LIFE SUCKS GET A FUCKING HELMET

    • If a post on facebook like this leads to suicide, then she has bigger issues in her own head. Think about what you just posted.

      However, I don’t believe that a girl who willingly writes down who she’s gonna get creampied by is really as mentally fragile as you are attempting to imply.

      I hope you realize that you just inadvertently insulted the crap out of her by calling her a mentally weak simpleton. haha! Good job!

      • Has none of you thought,even for a moment,that that piece of paper was actually written by Chris? :S xD

  48. oh shit.. I dono why… but this was so awesome I’m hard now..
    has this been sent to the /b/rothers yet?

  49. “I ❤ Facebook like you ❤ dick" LMFAO.
    This guy is a legend.
    "What're you gonna do? Tell Mom and Dad that I uploaded your dick sucking list to Facebook? Go Ahead."

  50. Chris… You sir win at this game of life.

  51. LMFAO – Moral of story – dont start what you cant finish…

  52. Epic win.

  53. This kid is the man.

  54. OMG you are a fucking hero!!!

  55. Hahahaha, fuck man, if I found shit like that in my sister’s room, I’d totally post that shit on facebook… It’s only too bad that everyone already KNOWS she’s a whore. XD
    Anyone have this kid on Facebook, I wast to message him to thank him for his godliness on this earth.

  56. Epic Win!

  57. hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa love it. Karma bit her hard in the ass :o) hahahaaaaaaaaa hats off to ya chris lol does anyone know if she told her parents?!!!!!!!!

  58. all hail king chris

  59. what a complete and utter hero !

  60. Ohhh mannn…. That’s harsh AS.

    but I totally laughed. hahahahaahahah.

    The poor bitch. Chris is a dick, but he’s a funny dick. I’m so frickin conflicted over whether or not I should be laughing. hahahaha.

  61. Why didn’t she just tell her parents, but say that he wrote it framing her? Just claim it wasn’t hers :L

  62. to hell with hand shakes, give this kid the novelbell prize and a blank cheque

  63. All you people commending him for what he did, get help, seriously. Who knows? She could have saved her brother’s life by snitching about the beer. This is classless beyond belief. Such a bitch move.

    • Get help for liking to see a slut get caught by karma? He could have saved her life by posting the list. Classless beyond belief is making a list like this, and a bitch move is snitching on your own brother.

      • wow tyler ur such bloody fucking piece of shit….one day if this happens to ur own daughter n she lives in hell for the next few months, how would u feel…acting that way just because u got grounded… chris is pathetic piece of shit, a pussy and a loser….guys live to think of sex….all men are male whores…all men are male sluts….

      • Agreed.

        I don’t remember hearing about anyone getting HIV from drinking a beer.

        Good job Kris for saving your sisters life!! HAHAHA!!

      • Lol Feminazis.
        They both did something bad, they both get ratted out. Even.

  64. this wouldnt be chris’es bad move at all. his fault he had beers but katies fault for sucking dick!!! hahahahha

  65. get your sister to blow me

  66. ima girl and i think that is hilarious…. his sister should have never ratted about him having beer… ooooh beer.. big deal.
    good job chris.. good job!

  67. Anyone here that thinks what he did is wrong.. thinks that he needs to ‘respect’ his sister for whatever reason.. Get over yourselves.. She should have had his back to start with.. She got what she deserved.. “You reap what you Sew.” “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you” All that.. So.. if you’re gonna think what he did was wrong.. Go have a cry about your own perfect little life somewhere else.. And pray that you don’t piss the wrong person off some day that might have the dirt on who you truly are.. The moral of the story is that “Knowledge is power. Don’t betray people who have the knowledge, or ability to ruin you..” damned self righteous bastards that complain about what he did.. your time will come.. and we’d all love to laugh about you getting your serving of justice.

    • This is truly the sickest-funniest comination i have ever come across…!!!!!!!! hahahaaha! how old is this girl???

      honestly, is she really old enough to sleep around if she’s immature enough to write a fuck list?????

      • Is ANYONE “old enough” to sleep around? I get what u r saying but comon. The one good thing that may come out of this is for other girls who so this stupid shit will take note! Girls are way too easy and slutty lately.

        EPIC WIN!

  68. LMFAO THATS HILARIOUS!!! this chris guy is AWESOMEEEE !!!! LMFAO.

    And the only girls saying that was a bitch move or complaining are the dumb sluts just like katie . LOL.

    this kids awesomee i would give him a high5 just for that:P

  69. I’m 50/50 on this one. It’s awesome payback cause it’s funny as hell. It’s horrible she ain’t ever gonna live it down.

    Rule of Life: Don’t write down shit were people and get to it. If you HAVE to write it down then burn that bitch.

    Still, why in the hell would you do a list of people you either want or have screwed? That makes no damn sense to me. That’s just asking for trouble.

    I wonder if the rents have seen the FB post and if she’s gotten grounded for it.

    Misery loves Company.

  70. Everyone who is laughing at this makes me sick. Don’t you all realize that this poor girl will NEVER be able to put this behind her? No one will LET her.

    First of all, although this may or may not be the case, Katie may have told her parents about the twelve pack because he is an ALCOHOLIC and she was concerned. In which case, she certainly did NOT deserve this.

    On the other hand, she very well could have just have wanted to be a bitch and get her brother in trouble. We’ll never know because NONE OF US KNOW EITHER OF THEM.

    Anyone and everyone who can laugh at this…. I have said it once and I’ll say it again- you make me sick. This poor girl didn’t deserve this whatever her motive was for telling. If this is what people find humor in, then humanity has fallen to an all new low.

    • well if he was an alcoholic the 12 pack would be gone pretty soon wouldnt it? and why would he hide it, he’d just drink it you fkn stupid idiot. And well as to whether or not she’ll live it down or whatever, who gives a shit. Since she wants to go suck all those people’s dicks now she can even go suck people’s dicks she doesnt even know! WOW how awesome for her!

      • Yeah, i agree and who the fuck writes it down on paper ?
        Idiotic move from her side, i mean she all ready is on her new level of low.

      • ur probably suckin ur own dick….so y does it matter to u at all? a revenge like dis…..he deserves worst karma

    • Katie is a whore. Everyone knowing this could significantly reduce STD transfer rates in that general area of the world.

    • And maybe he was telling his parents because he was concerned she was a stupid little shitbag of a skank who probably will live out the rest of her life with some kind of STI.

      Who knows? None of us know. But I highly, HIGHLY doubt that a girl with this kind of track record is concerned about alcoholism in her teen brother. I’m sure she downs a good couple of beers every weekend.

      This is fucking hilarious. I laughed really hard. She wanted to be a bitch to her brother? He got even. End of.

    • Your kinda forgetting one thing: Chris can’t live down it either. Having a good reputaion with your parents is kind of important too.

  71. HAHA!!! Well.. So us Asian kids really do have something to live for. Would parents rather have a young drinker, or a slut for a child? Damn, her parents must be kicking themselves and hitting their heads into walls each hour of the day if they found out about her. What a win!

  72. enjoy this toooooo much !!!
    i want to shake this mans hand !

  73. chris for president that was classic, she had no business snitching lol

  74. If i ever meet this guy in real life. I will bow to him.

  75. hahahahahaha this just made my whole weekend.. this kid is a genious!!! he should get an award! no lie!!! hahaha great job kid!

  76. This boy is a true genius. That was brilliant. I would have done that. I give Chris props for being that professional. His sister is really idiotic for writing a list. That does make the three months of grounding, all worth it. Although she probably feels terrible, she does deserve it.

  77. this makes me so sad because i will never see some more glorious then this, my life is over

  78. It’s Chrises, like you and I, who make our own karma. It’s a very special brand too, called “Out of Your Depth”. We stand tall, proud, unflinching and unashamed, through the thick and thin – as we hold close to our hearts; that whomever should catch us, to any degree, put upon, has yet to see the other guy.

  79. I love how her friend said “it was your fault for hiding beer in your room, its your problem..” Etc…….but then surely its her fault for sleeping around, sucking cock, AND recording it on paper!!

    Also, I love how someone (name as ‘youaresick’) has posted on here that this is disrespectful and could lead to suicide (fair enough it could)…..but rape and murder..? How does doing something like that increase your chances of being raped or murdered?!?!! There are a lot of idiots in the world, and the person who wrote that is definately one of them, of the highest order!

  80. hmmm wats a v card

    dude ur a legend

  81. Why is she a ‘whore’ and a ‘slut’?! Because she has natural sexual urges?! Because she wants to have perfectly natural sexual encounters with people? You bunch of fucking assholes, get over your idiotic puritan ‘girls shouldn’t want to have sex’ archaic views and grow up. You know, I have no problem with revenge, but calling a girl a whore and a slut is just plain wrong. You wouldn’t call a guy a slut if he wanted to have sex with girls, would you? I thought we’d grown out of these horrible double standards and sexist slut shaming.

    • Girls can have sexual urges all they want. 1 – Writing down is fucking ridiculous (Keeping track of each guy while being at it)
      and 2 – She’s a whore. There is a difference between sexual urges, and just sleeping around.

      • She’s not sleeping around you dumb fuck. If she was “v-card” wouldn’t be written down in the first place. And EVEN if she was sleeping with guys… WHO THE FUCK CARES. Did anyone ever think that girls can enjoy sex too? Jesus … i’m so tired of these words “whore” and “slut”. If this was a guy’s list he’d be getting cheers and high-fives. I especially don’t understand how other girls can call girls sluts and whores. STAND UP FOR YOURSELVES GOD DAMN IT. It’s like we’re still living in the 1800s.

    • If she’s that obsessed about having “natural sexual encounters”, then this list shouldn’t bother her. And it’s a hell of a lot harder to be a stud then it is to be a slut, so double standards are justified.
      There’s a big difference between having a lot of sex and having sex with a lot of people. That’s called being a slut.

      • “Nice Girl Syndrome” exists too, you know. There are also many guys who don’t suffer from “ZOMG SEVERE BLUE BALLZ EXTREEEM!!!” Quit crying and admit that you’re a Darwinian failure already, lol.

        Wow I’m about a month late on this one, but:

        Chris = EPIC WIN.

        He kicked that brown-noser below the belt, but that’s why it’s such a win.

  82. hmm truthfully i can’t think of the exact phraseing of wat i think of chris … but all i kno is it’s would be a long way from complementary. from wat i c ur one of the worst brothers i’v seen yet considering i hav 3. i don’t condone her doing all this stuff but hey it’s her life, but i’m so on her side if she does something realy bad back, like glueing ur dick to ur stomach. sounds entertaining to me. now grow up n suck it up princess

    oh yeah ps. only an idiot would hide alcohol in their room then let their untrustworthy sibling find out

  83. lmao chris a legend wa u expect if u leave a piece of paper like that n mess with a guys drinkin ,

    PAY BACKS A BITCH !!!!!!!!

  84. funny, yet still slightly harsh. xD

    here’s a link to the fb group:

  85. […] her room and found this beauty, and stuck it on Facebook with all the people mentioned tagged in. Guy posts his sisters hookup list on Facebook…and tags all the guys. Priceless. Life is Savage Childish but very funny __________________ Do I not like […]

  86. Wots Katies number?

  87. this is legendary!

  88. Well done. This stupid bitch had it coming to her, don’t rat out your brother when you have something like this that can be used against you.

    If I were in that situation, I would do it in a heartbeat. When my neighbours daughter ratted me and her brother out for graffitti (we were only 11 and it was barely anything, settle down) we soon told her mum about the marijuana and the sex tapes with her teacher..Fucking justice in my opinion, I would’ve stayed quiet if she did but I guess people think they can get away with it despite screwing us over.

    I was reading through that list and couldn’t believe how much of a slut she was…A half completed list with 10 guys on it? slut.

  89. funnyfunnyfunnyfunny.

    As a girl, I do not sympathise with Katie. Its her fault for writing it down and leaving it somewhere easy enough for her brother to find it.

    All I can say is UNLUCK. xD

  90. that kid chris is a fuckin god, someone introduce me so i can personally say he is a LEDGEND

  91. This was freakin’ hilarious. Not just what Chris did, either, but all the idiots cryin’ bloody murder over it, too! xD There are so many reasons why what she got is not undeserving.

    Chris > Katie

  92. I do worry about her being suicidal, and I do think it is wrong he drinks at such a young age, and for her to be so loose around guys.
    But this is epic and why I do not post stuff unless I am sure I want to say it.
    But I’m a girl and I think this is EPIC and tho I wouldn’t have ratted out my bro (if I had one) I wouldn’t be messing around with every guy or write it down tho I love to write I rather write fiction it is better then physical.

    • just cause he had it in his room doesnt mean he was drinking it all the time. probs saving it for a party or what-not. i mean what teenage kid drinks by himself in his room, no you go out with friends and drink.

    • I worry about her being suicidal too, I would be depressed for a real long time.

  93. I understand why people would find this funny, deserved, and “awesome.” Regardless, both Chris and his sister Katie are simply hurting one another in unnecessary ways. While I will admit that many would most likely retaliate (myself included), that does NOT justify their actions.

  94. Who’s the pussy who blurred out the swear words?

  95. ahahaha lol karmas a bitch isnt it, who the hell rats out their bro for alcohol in their room honestly, thats just pathetic, especially wne you’ve done worse things. and secondly who the fuck writes on a shitty piece of paper the BJ they hav had in th past, not weird at all. its tight for doin wat he did but still so very funny, you are a legend, this def goes in the books ahaha

  96. that is beautiful. it’s times like these that i wish i had a sister just so i could ruin her like that.

  97. That was not karma that was revenge. The law of threefold works in its own time and is not performed by a little kid. This is slack [funny but slack] I found amusement from it, but slut or not. Family is all you’ve got. Your “bro’s” may say they’ll be there for you but they wont be forever.

    It wouldnt suprize me is the parents found out and disowned the poor girl and her brother for their cruel acts of sibling rivalry.

    This girl is going to cop so much shit at school/work/everywhere. It will lead to depression and sucide. the girl will loose all self worth and most likely throw her self around from guy to guy in order to make herself feel some sort of worth. She’ll probly end up being a prostitue.

    We’ve only seen one side to the story. I bet her reason for dobbing him in for the beer was good. He probly wouldnt share. If my brother had beer I’d be demanding some.

    I think you should all feel sorry for the poor girl. Yeh she wrote a list. Whats the bet she’s 15-17. Who around that ages doesnt have a list of some sort of who they want to shag? Wether its mental or paper, i bet we all have a list.

    You all need a straight jacket and a padded room along with some serious help.

    Now karma will get your for cheering on this kid….

    • Yeah yeah, if you’re on a quest for revenge, you best dig two graves, and yeah, I suppose it makes us sick little bastards for cheering for him, but damn if he isn’t a criminal mastermind. If we’re all going to Hell for cheering this dude on, I’ll gladly buy him a 12 pack of beer when we get there.
      And the dick sucking whore can’t rat him out this time.
      But I honestly doubt that she’d kill herself over this. Psychological Warfare is the woman’s home away from home. It’s what they do to each other all through adolescence. She’ll be ok. Just grounded as a motherfucker. (Or, an “Every boy she meets fucker XD)

      • Oh i once knew a guy who was such a whore that he cheated on his girlfriend, gave her chlamydia, took all her savings, uploaded her nude pics just cos she said the word bastard…and dis gal got so pissed, she knew when his house was high on stash ….so she called the police…dat guy got into prison….a good revenge ryte…i peed in my pants just hearing this story….oh wait let me guess…ur face is red…n ur getting mad…oh my god y??????? just because a girl got her revenge….? i solute this girl…i respect her…..guess how many years he went to prison for…..hahahahaha 15!!!! i love this girl

      • … What? Makes sense to me. That was a mean guy for doing that stuff. Oh wait, I mean “Oh boy! I’m angry that that guy got in jail for doing illegal things!”
        What makes you think someone would think that?

  98. You just ruined your relationship with your sister … though what she did was slack the crime doesnt seem to fit the punishment.. Your brother and sister your meant to be sticking up for each other the not causing each other grief

  99. value is gone life is too short if you agree or not you are a dupe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! each to their own and their own to leave it is not up to us to disagree. a petty quarrel between kin does happen but show the world you know what happens. as you see above the for and against, now who is without malice to form a true judgement then those who have been judged. so your statements above only reflect what is or how you would feel if it happened to you. so sad that most of the guys are for the brother and his vengence. think about this girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. ummm matt said on 21st feb that he would bow to you but i think most would want to put a bow to you.

  101. LMFAO!!!!!! “Hey Brian if you cut your hair you’ll get a blowjob” PRICELESS.

  102. KATIE!!!

    • Obviously a different chick, from the length of the name to the fact that she’ll be done with grad school in 2012. Unless the prank is mega old, I doubt they’re similar


    this is epic and needs to be spread to the wider fb community, again.

  105. You can’t hate on a girl with experience. I’d still hit it.

  106. haha that is the funnist shit ever. that is the best blackmail ever, especially with asian parents it makes that 12 pack look like nothing

  107. Payback is a bitch, good job man! Snitches get what comes to them

  108. This is amazing haha I’d feel bad for her if she wasnt a slut but hey that’s what got her into this in the first place. If you are going to go around and hook up with guys and act like you are mature don’t go be a snitch and act like your 12. “Don’t get mad, get even”

  109. Hahahahaha! Awesome man! You are a fucking great genius!

    You should come to denmark! Here we can buy alcohol when we are 16 (14 if you look old) I had a box of beer, and a bottle of Capt. Morgan at my room 🙂

  110. I bet that if the genders were reversed, no one would go that Chris was a whore or a slut.

  111. what the fuck is wrong with you people??
    what he did is disgusting! its his SISTER! have a little respect fuck she’s family. ok she rated you out to your parents fine get her back but not with public humiliation!

    • why not with public humiliation? how else? beat her up and get in more trouble? break all her cd’s or smash her mp3 player and get in more trouble? doing it this way it will show her never to fuck with him again and to be more careful bout what she leaves lying round. this way he gets his payback and she gets humiliated. Im not gona call her a slut or anything like that. but still dont leave a list like this lying around. thats just asking and begging for trouble. (unless she is looking for it…)

  112. lol, this is funny as hell man… but just.. there is a thin line between revenge and just being a complete cunt.. the fact that she has a list is no big deal i dont think.. some of what is said in it could be described as a bit slutty, but thats no different to a lot of girls i have encountered… the thing that gets me, and also justifies chris’ reaction is the deadline… right there, thats what makes her a filthy slut.. without the deadline, its just a few controversial words on a bit of paper… either way you look at it.. she did wrong by him as a sister, he has returned the favour.. simple as that, i would seek revenge aswell, maybe not so cruely though.. im sure it would have been embarrasing enough just for her to know that chris has seen it.. anyway, 2 thumbs up for creativity… and giving me a little laugh

  113. Ok, all you people preaching sibling love – do you actually have any siblings?? Brothers and sisters want to KILL each other when they are teenagers, I’m the oldest of four and I cop regular verbal abuse and I have to defend a flying fist every so often, that’s just life! This is rivalry in the extreme, but he would have just hit her till she was bruised or pulled her hair or something equally horrible if he hadn’t found this, because he was pissed off. And really, I feel sorry for the girl but COME ON – who is DUMB enough to make a list on paper like this and leave it where it could easily be found? Anyone with evil younger brothers or sisters who rifle through your shit knows that THAT is a fucking dumb move, and that you’ll feel sorry for it later. Same goes for him leaving beer lying around!

  114. I cant believe some people are siding with the girl. Shes a fucking moron for writing it down, and I think it’s a more likely story that a girl who made a DICK SUCKING LIST was being a bitch to her brother rather than helping an alcohol sibling. And also, people always get over things, it’ll either be at the back of everyones heads in a years time, or if she decides she wants to become an hero, good fucking riddance. The world will be a better place.

  115. Kid should hold on to the list, keep it in his wallet, and blackmail the angry bitch. Or just show the ‘rents.

  116. will your sister give me a blow job

  117. To those that think this is cruel, its not…she instigated it, he finished it. For those who think ‘slut’ or ‘whore’ is a bad when pinned on women just remember, ‘A key that can open any lock, is a master key which makes it of great value, How ever any lock that can be opened by any key is a pretty shitty lock aint it?’

    • ya like guys don’t sleep around……ur argument seems comically juvenile…..guys sleep around all the time…so if a guy does it he’s what? a hero?….its a shame how u guys talk….how would u feel if that was ur daughter or sister…would u call her a whore then? a key that opens any n every lock is pretty shitty too….i would define that key as the key of a male whore

  118. “What are you gonna do? Tell mom and dad I uploaded your dick sucking list to facebook? Go ahead.” AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA THIS IS GENIUS. Two thumbs up for planning the most epic revenge EVER.

  119. such a dog shot but she deserves it for being a slut!!! maddddd awesome love this kid!!!

  120. *stands up and applauds*

  121. Chris should have taken the note he found to his parents. If a childish, petty revenge was all he wanted he would have achieved his goal. But it seems he was out to annihilate his sister.

  122. When they find out about Katie’s sexual conduct, her list, and how Chris has destroyed her future and perhaps theirs, by publishing it it will rip their mom and dad’s hearts out. Katie obviously has problems, whatever those problems are, her parents or a psychologist needs to talk to her about them. In cases like these, girls have often been sexually abused by someone they trust, a group leader, teacher or a family member. Or she may have been sexually assaulted and has no one to confide in. This is a family that has crossed over the edge of disaster. Too bad you all feel you have to come in for the kill and take away any vestiges of self worth they might still have.

  123. If only some of the guys checked off the list would have commented… they are probably hiding in shame!

  124. LMFAO……!!!!
    Who writes a list of the things they wanna do to people.!?
    LMFAO you are the King of Revenge….!

  125. that is SOOOOO mean!!!!!!!!!!!! She told on his parents, its his fault he was drinking, maybe she was worried for his health. I would’ve done the same, I wouldn’t want this to happen to me. OH and do u know what she could’ve done? Said this: “WOW, how long did it take for you to make this? You are so low, I would never even make a hook up list.”

    • Its called different handwriting and the people she actually hooked up with. And honestly who would think of that immediately in this situation?

  126. Ha! You WIN Chris! I don’t feel bad for the girl at all. She may have problems, but probably not. As a freshman in high school, I swear nearly all the girls I know do the same thing. She’s just messed up. And Chris pwns forever.

  127. Thats bloody excellent. Well done kid 🙂

  128. omg kate’s brother is such a bastard….u noe guys can have such filthy minds but he is just so low, all because he got grounded…these are the kind of mental bastards that end up hurting people badly in future just because the world din evolve around them…im so disgusted to even read it, if my sister did that i would never even think of reading what she did further….cantankerous i can tolerate but this is just damn low, i wonder if he even felt guilty,i would never wanna know kate’s brother sounds like he needs professional help…sounds like a future psychopath…..seriously chris is a mass of pure human garbage… so low

  129. Right, first off, this is kind of funny. However, does anyone not suspect that the whole thing was a little staged for comedy effect? Notice that the post was ‘added 41 minutes ago’. The first reply comes only a minute later, and ALL forthcoming replies from around 14/15 different people take about half an hour. Was everybody involved on Facebook at the same time? Unlikely. The whole thing plays ot wayyyy to quickly. Would the guy who found the list completely diss his parents race? Again, I think unlikely. ‘Everybody knows Asian parents are really strict’ seems a strange thing to say if they are your own flesh and blood. Sorry to pick holes in it. Nice idea though…

  130. so my friend sent me this link and i died …. chris who ever you are you are my hero for that …. i havent laughed that hard in a long time …. all i have to say is serves her right and i bet she doesnt fuck with him any more hahaha

  131. all the guys are juss jealous she gets more action than you

  132. So, now in addition to having all of her friends see it, the list has also gone viral and its likely that a couple million others have too, and eventually someone will find out their last name

  133. Both Chris and Katie need to learn to respect the privacy of others. At the same time, if Katie felt Chris was in danger, she was right to talk to her parents about the beer in his room. It is obvious that Chris is far too young and immature to realize the consequences of his actions, your admiration only serves to worsen the situation for a family that urgently needs help.

  134. It’s great that you guys all think underage drinking is OK but statistics show that the younger a person starts drinking the higher the chances are that they will become alcoholics. And don’t say it’ll never happen to you. That’s a cop-out we all know is just ridiculous. It’s scary! In Europe they are finding out just how dangerous drinking by minors can be, how hard on society, on families and on the economy. Don’t put yourself in chains, make no mistake, when you become addicted to drugs and alcohol you’re just making yourself a slave. It’s pretty lame to chain yourself to a pusher, a pimp or a dealer!

    • uhh ya one thing in europe they have way less control over alcohol that this side of the world prefers but as you can see it has no affect what so ever, if anything this may come as a shock to you but their economy is BETTER than ours :O


  136. Jesus, that Chris kid is a fucking asshole. She got him in trouble with their parents, and in retaliation he publicly humiliates her in a way that’s going to ruin her social life until she goes to college (and possibly even beyond that)?

    There’s at least a reasonable possibility that Katie told their parents about the beer because she was concerned about her brother’s well-being. Sure, a 12 pack doesn’t sound like a huge deal, but this could potentially be part of a larger pattern of drinking and partying. (Keep in mind, we’re hearing this story from Chris – of course he’s going to downplay his own culpability. He certainly doesn’t seem like the type to admit to any wrongdoing; everything is the fault of his “fucking strict Asian parents” or his “filthy bitch” sister.)

    On the other hand, there’s no way in hell that Chris was acting out of any sort of concern. His motives were clearly 100% spiteful. (And even if we assume that Katie’s motives were equally spiteful, her actions were far less damaging.)

    Also, I’m surprised that nobody’s raised the possibility that the list is a forgery. Anybody with a pen, a piece of notebook paper, and two braincells to rub together could easily produce this, and all the hearts and wavy lines seem suspiciously over-the-top to me. Even if it is the real deal – so fucking what? Sometimes – shock, gasp, horror! – teenage girls have sexual fantasies. Writing ’em down? Not a smart move, granted, but since when did imprudence justify cruelty?

    Finally, this Chris kid isn’t nearly as clever as he thinks he is. When his parents or teachers find out about his little stunt — and there’s a very good chance that they will — Katie’s going to get in trouble, yeah, but so will he. Random jerks on the internet may think that Chris is TOTALLY AWESUM, LOL!1!!, but what are the odds that his Mom and Dad are going to high-five him for posting his sister’s sex secrets on Facebook? Not very high. Personally, I hope they ground the little fucker until he’s thirty.

  137. love it

  138. u seriously respect and solute dis guy? wow u must be a real loser who lives in a trailer…n laughing at someones expense?so low. All of u guys who used the word bitch slut n whore, ya like u don’t have any skeletons in ur closets,oh wait a minute ur alll “”virgins”” ryte….my bad my bad….who are all of u kiddin, ….like u all din get a BJ from more than one woman, GET A LIFE MALE WHORES!

  139. hahaha, You are sick, you are funny. you have clearly never been to europe, and if you have you probably spent it with people that think just like you. ive lived in several european countries, some of which are known for their drinking problems, and in america. now let me tell you, 15 year olds in the mid west(who i have known for years) find it more difficult to get booze and therefore just end up getting weed or other worse drungs because its easier, au contraire in france when i was 15 i could walk into a supermarket and buy a bottle of nice whiskey, which i knew to savour because knowing about drink is more important than when u start. you need to stop pretending like you know everything. we are all sick of your christian blabble! just because you drink younger does not mean you will get addicted. for those that do there is most likely other variables involved. so stop quoting and fuck off back to bible school! ps i think wat chris did was legend!

  140. I wasn’t aware that for a teenager to have sexual interests and fantasies was a sign of deviancy or abuse. This is douchebaggery at its lamest.

  141. Cruel Intentions anyone? Seriously funny but dick move and yes,way over the top, but in the big picture he just may have saved his sister’s life…HIV, STD’s , AIDS not to mention teen pregnancy, She should thank him… after she beats the shit out of him lol
    Wonder what’s wrong with the parents to raise kids like this too…just sayin…

  142. i love this guy

  143. She saved him from underage drinking. It’s the least she could do, he saved her from numerous STDS.

  144. That bitch deserved it!

    Hahahahahahha what a fucking slut!

    Good work champ.

  145. Haha he probably saved her life.If she slows down she might not get AIDS LOl HAHAHAHA

  146. I like most of the girls here are like “how awful”. I bet you girls always have your own cock sucking list, huh?

    • yeah maybe, but im not dumb enough to keep a list like that on paper where anyone could pick it up and show it to the world of facebook xD

  147. wahahahah made of pure win!

    this bitch had it coming, i mean COME ON

  148. Honestly, as a woman, I find what he did is justified. I started drinking early, because my parents allowed me to. Now I have a glass of wine every now and then. What age you start doesn’t matter. But those who said that other women should stick up for other women are just plain absurd. It is girls like that who give others a bad name! And those others who said this is degrading for her, she degraded herself by doing what she did. Think of how the guys felt who were just another notch on her bedpost. Anyway, I would feel like my brother was justified.

  149. stpdpplpssmeoff, I’m not worried about childish name-calling or poorly aimed barbs. Throw all the crap you want at me, I’m more worried about you and the obvious pain you’re in. I hope you find help because it is obvious the you are as messed up as Chris is. My comments have nothing to do with Christianity, I am totally opposed to facist “born again” Christians trying to impose their way of seeing spirituality and the world on others. I am a loving, caring person who is concerned about this brother and sister, and you too.

  150. Maybe she will blow me what a whore

  151. Wow Katie is a filthy whore. No idea how he puts up with her.

  152. 1) Katie is a slut 2) Chris is a pretty cool cat 3) Chris shouldn’t have posted it on facebook he just should have showed people… but seriously Katie is a mega slut she shouldnt be doing all that shit. WHOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE chris you define GOD

  153. Pure Classic 100% Epic Win. To all the people saying this is so awful and she might commit suicide, grow the fuck up. Girls have been being embarrassed by their brothers for what I’m sure is centuries by now, it happens. I however, never did anything like this to my sister, we COVERED UP for each other. She would sneak out sometimes at night and I’d let her in my window all from the age of like 8 on and never told on her. There was love there and we looked out for one another. Moral of the story, don’t rat out your brother for ANYTHING dumbass. You’ll be asking him to buy it for you later. (unless I’m wrong on the birth order)

  154. And McLovin! Err McSavage! Put one of those share/link/email widgets on your website, Copy and pasting a link is just so 90’s 😛

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