Love equals football…

So i’m walking down Sea Point main road the other day and something on the sidewalk catches my eye (and it wasn’t a 5 cents this time).

I looked, but didn’t really pay attention since it was kinda blurry and i brushed it off as some lame ass attempt at graffiti.

50 meters down the road there it was again, but this time way such


See what they trying to do there?

I wanna meet the f*cking genius who came up with this idea. Because he/she has a brain not very different to mine i think.

You could draw those symbols anywhere on the planet and no matter what language you speak you will understand that love equals football (soccer). Sharp hey.

I did some checking and apparently its a new Puma campaign. There’s a logo inside the soccerball if you look carefully (ok, i’m sorry.. its blurry..the chalk washes off easily).

Don’t know any solid details yet, but i did manage to find this.


Will let you know when i find out more.

Good times.


~ by mcsavage on January 4, 2010.

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