10 000 flying lanterns sets new world record

Life is Savage is all about the things that make YOU happy and this my friends is what its all about.

A new world record was set on Monday when 10 000 flying lanterns were launched into the night sky in Jakarta, Indonesia.



Excuse me, i can’t hear you over how awesome that sh*t is.

“The flying lantern is a Chinese tradition. It is essentially a paper bag with a block of paraffin with a wick suspended by wire across the opening. The lantern lifts when the wick is lit, warming the air inside like a hot air balloon. Freedom Faithnet Global said it organized the lantern release as a symbol of hope and prayer as part of annual celebrations. This year’s celebrations have an environmental focus.” [wlwt]

Im sure with the right organisers we can break that record here in South Africa (preferably in Cape Town ) hey..imagine watching that just after you puffed on the good stuff.

Good times.


~ by mcsavage on December 9, 2009.

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