Amazing old colour pictures of Cape Town.

These pictures of Cape Town landed in my inbox and it was a no-brainer to share it with you lovely people.

Not entirely sure when exactly they were taken (anyone?) or the process involved in restoring the rich colours (yes i know im useless and thats where you come in) , but they are pretty awesome don’t you think.

Even back then Table Mountain was magic.

Adderly Street pumping and some of those Beetles are still on the road today i’m sure.

Sea Point pavillion looking outstanding.

How was that for some nostalgia hey. Find the oldest person in your office and watch them light up when you show them those.

Good times.

[Thanks Jeannie]


~ by mcsavage on December 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “Amazing old colour pictures of Cape Town.”

  1. Photo’s most probably taken in beginning of fifthies (look to the car models)

  2. that is what I call MY CAPE TOWN – i live in the USA and went home 3 years ago and was devastated @ what i saw – i therfore hate mandela for doing this to my beloved south africa !!!!

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