Cafe Caprice honours its regulars with Window of Fame..

In a stroke of genius, Cafe Caprice has gone a step further at ensuring that its regular customers (we use the term VIP squatters thanks)  feel even more special by printing their names on its hallowed window’s.

Those of you who call Caprice your second home can now truly say you are part of the furniture.

Next time you walk in, take some mates to the top section and just casually mention that the names on the window are sacred. Then point out that yours is there and enjoy the bragging rights.

The window previously had a secret message in jumbled words but im loving this new idea. I was gonna post all the windows with all the names on them ,but then i’d be denying you the pleasure of finding out if you cracked the nod hey. Go see for yourself.

Pffffft….wonder who put david and dani raad on there. No idea who they are.

Love your work.

Good times


~ by mcsavage on December 7, 2009.

One Response to “Cafe Caprice honours its regulars with Window of Fame..”

  1. Awesome idea!

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