Gary, The Christmas ad

Life is Savage may just have a new hero in the pipeline (gonna be tough knocking Squishy off  his throne though) and whats more he’s a local boykie.

Gary, the Toothfairy has been on our radar for a while now and his new Christmas ad for MNET has just been released.

Don’t know who Gary the ToothFairy is….let me school you quick

“Bevan Cullinan is one of the most left field comedians working in SA at the moment. Originally trained as a physical clown at Rhodes University, he has been wowing stand-up audiences ever since. Not only a successful TV commercial director, his edgy view on the world and amazing physical comedic ability (plus hair that looks like a recently sodomized badger) has had people laughing at every major comedy event in the country, including various Oppikoppi, 5FM comedy jams, Kingsize comedy jams, Laugh out Loud and various Smirnoff International Comedy Festivals. Cullinan has now adopted the role of Gary, the Tooth Fairy for Mnet.”

“Hair like a recently sodomised badger” is so beautiful i want to adopt him.

Anyway’s the new Christmas ad..just click the image because its a link (didn’t wanna steal his thunder) to Gary, The ToothFairy facebook fanpage where you’ll find the video on the left hand side…

While you there become a fan hey..he’s a legend.

Good times.


~ by mcsavage on November 20, 2009.

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