Ban advertising cubicles on Camps Bay beach

Summer has finally returned to Cape Town (no doubt its all thanks to Alessandra HERE) and to Camps Bay in particular.

I headed over to Caprice yesterday  for lunch (as one does when the sun is out) and took a table outside. I prepared for that familiar view and instead i get slapped with this little f**ckery.


This is just not on folks. There are several of these ugly ass makeshift cubicles placed on the grass all the way down the beach all of which are covered in advertising for Bokomo. Don’t get me wrong..i have nothing against Bokomo, but whoever gave the go ahead to put this kak on Campers is an asswipe.

The damn things don’t even work properly. The doors have blown off and rocks are now holding them closed and there were empty Castle beer bottles inside. (im guessing that was Louis though..)

“Wrong Start” is more like it. Come now us a favour and stop messing with the view hey.

On a completely seperate note , i have another pic i felt must be shared of this chap power walking in a speedo toward Clifton.

Photo credit: Hoodie

Im at a loss for words buddy.

You are special in so many ways.


~ by mcsavage on November 17, 2009.

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