SA national anthem butchered: The story so far

By now most of you would have heard or read that Ras Dumisani totally and utterly f**ked up the South African National anthem on the weekend before the rugby game between the Springboks and France.

Just incase you missed it..

No rasta.

Thats sh*t will not play. You forgot some of the words and you ball raised during Die Stem (a crime in some towns).

WTF were you smoking.

No seriously. What?

Because my mate Dave says that must be the good sh*t.

UPDATE: Since the incident Dumisani has stated that he had “sung beautifully” and that “everyone at the stadium told me I sang well, even after the match”[] ……..whatever….puff puff pass.

UPDATE: South African Rugby Union has lodged a complaint with the French authorities over the anthem. [The Times of London]

UPDATE: French officials blame the SA embassy who also deny any responsibilty.

UPDATE: Dumisani  states on a talk show that officials made him sing with a broken microphone and he proceeded to accuse them of “wanting to sabotage” his performance. [Guardian]…..bwwwahahaha..good one sonny.



~ by mcsavage on November 16, 2009.

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