Computer Mania saves the day

Sorry for the no show today laptop crapped out on me yesterday displaying a blue error screen that wouldn’t go away. ( im convinced it was Adam’s leftover sheep porn)

blue screen

 No sweat though since the good folks at Computer Mania in Long Street sorted everything out and it seems to be back to normal. I wasn’t gonna make a big deal about it, but let me tell you the service was outstanding. Im not sure if everyone gets the same treatment, but i fully expected them to pull a we-are-the-experts-you-dont-know-sh*t card and then charge me for stuff i had no idea about.


Not the case at all. I walked in and a good chap called Luke helped me out. As Murphy’s Law would have it ..i told him the problem, he switched on my laptop and the blue error screen didn’t pop up. Of course.

No big deal he said. He called over another friendly chap who ran some checks, deleted some unneccessary stuff and recommended i change my antivirus software from the kak i had before and i didn’t once get the feeling they were screwing me. Luke was on hand again and helped me out with patience and epic customer service and everything seems sorted now.

Love your work chaps.

Much appreciated.

Computer Mania , Corner of Strand and Long Street  +27 21 423 0717


~ by mcsavage on November 16, 2009.

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