You park like a moron…

Its raining and cold and im grumpy so here goes my third bitch and moan post for the day.

Im driving down High Level road (Sea Point) on Sunday and its not the safest road at the best of times. Alot has been written about the high level (hahahahaha…i punned the hell out of that one..sick) of accidents and its dumb sh*t like this that puts everyone at risk.


Why is it that people wanna park on that side of the street. Can you not see that you are blocking more than half the @#$%^& lane. The car had local number plates so no excuse that they didnt know. I came back 3 hours later and the car was still parked there.


Next time you see somebody parking like a doos, take a picture and let me know. Ill post it. Lets see if we can get these assholes to stop putting everyones life at risk.

I like being alive.


~ by mcsavage on November 10, 2009.

3 Responses to “You park like a moron…”

  1. shoulda left the license plate visible so if we see them in the street we can tell them what we think of fools like this

  2. enough, don’t take picture. Scratch all the panel on the sidewalk facing part on the car as you walk past. The car will be in the panel beater for 20 days getting fixed, and the monkey will soon get the message….

  3. Also check out the campaign.

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