South African police arrest blogger for critisizing government

Police in South Africa have  arrested Albert Oosthuizen who runs the website.

What can i tell you. Im all for freedom of speech, but running a website that bitches and moans about our awesome country is bound to send some bad sh*t your way.



“South African police have arrested at least one blogger (possibly three) in an apparent crackdown on Government dissent.

According to local media, Albert Oosthuizen who runs – was arrested allegedly on the basis of an outstanding warrant from 1993. Two bloggers from the Boerevryheid blog are also believed to have been arrested, although those arrests have not been confirmed. has as its mission to “bring news to the outside world of the crap that has become of South Africa” [MORE HERE]

Life’s a bitch hey Al.

Why dont you go check out . They know how to do things proper. Their latest stories include the decling mortality rate in SA, a R9 million boost for rural education and how a top US official has praised SA’s global clout.

Good times.


~ by mcsavage on November 9, 2009.

4 Responses to “South African police arrest blogger for critisizing government”

  1. If this had a “like this” button I would click on it 🙂

    Also check out SA Rocks! The title says it all

  2. If you truly believe in free speech, then you must fight for the rights of those who say things you disagree with. Now, zasucks may be immature, whining, racist drivel, but they should be able to spout their offensive nonsense regardless. The proper solution for speech you don’t agree in is MORE speech, not less.

  3. My own preference is to read non-judgmental objective opinions – like (if there was such a thing) rather than focusing only on the good news or how the country sucks. Life isn’t black or white, there’s a lot of very interesting grey in the middle.

  4. I agree with everyone so far and i even though im clearly no fan of zasucks i do believe that he has a right to publish whatever he wants regardless of how retarded or racist it may be. Where do we draw the the line though..and who decides where that line is? Its clear that if someone started a website saying how much they hate Nelson Mandela and showed any hint of putting the great man in danger then obviously it warrants an investigation. Bloggers like Albert may spew out some drivel that show all the bad in SA but i dont think any harm is being done. I can think of another site someone sent me which also shows all the bad. Google “censorbugbear reports”.
    Like i said in this all for freedom of speech, but i fail to see how anyone can be happy constantly writing about such negative and depressing things. Im a happy person and ive lived my whole life trying to see the good in everything. We live in an incredible country with good and bad but i’d rather focus all my energy on the good and support sites like sagoodnews and sarocks.

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