Kylie Minogue: Best Ever Celebrity Viral Ad

The banned video of Kylie Minogue for Agent Provocateur has been named as Best Ever Celebrity Viral Ad.

The video shows Kylie riding a mechanical bull in her underwear.

Uncomfortable, you say.


 But who care’s..if the girl wants to ride a bull in her underpant why judge her.

Do your thing Kylie.

The video recieved 350 million hits on Youtube and was miles ahead of the second place video.

Top 10 Best Ever Celebrity Viral Ads by Goviral:

1. Agent Provocateur – Kylie Minogue
2. Nike Crossbar Challenge – Ronaldinho
3. Yes We Can – Obama Song
4. Nike Car Jump – Kobe Bryant
5. T-Mobile Life’s for Sharing – Pink
6. ”I’m ——- Matt Damon” – Sarah Silverman and Matt Damon
7. EA Games – Tiger Woods
8. Chanel No.5 – Nicole Kidman
9. Samsung – Ozzy Osbourne
10. Apple Mac – Ellen Feiss



~ by mcsavage on November 3, 2009.

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