Farryl Purkiss: “Fruitbats and Crows”

Local boykie Farryl Purkiss has a new album out and its rocking.

“Fruitbats and Crows” is his latest creation and the inspiration for the title came while he was in Australia.

“I had two days off in Perth and went for a walk. I put my iPod on shuffle and the two bands that kept on coming up were Fruitbats and the Old Crow Medicine Show, which was kinda weird. So I went back to the hotel and wrote a song about that experience and now it’s the name of the album.”[Tonight]

fruitbats and crows
Not too sure about that cover hey Farryl. Little bit dark and kak, but hey, its all about the music right.

Here’s a taste of what the new album is all about.


Nice one homeslice.

Besides being musically talented and nearly as goodlooking as i am, Farryl is a solid good oke. Just listen to his take on his life at the moment.

“Making money and being famous is not my vibe. I don’t need to be a billionaire or be in Heat magazine. My goals are simple. I want my own family who I can support through my music. I just want to make music and one day make babies.”

Good times.

Wanna know more about Farryl and maybe have his babies…visit his website HERE


~ by mcsavage on November 2, 2009.

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  1. […] video for his song A Million Grains of Sand from the album “Fruit Bats & Crows”  [HERE] and it looks awesome i must […]

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