RECYCLING coming to Camps Bay, Clifton, Fresnaye: Cape Town

Here’s a chance to do your bit and help save the planet…starting in Cape Town…right on your own doorstep.

Its been announced that, as of November 2, 2009,  Camps Bay, Clifton and Fresnaye will be going green by launching a residential recycling initiative run by the good folks at Waste Plan.

How’s that gonna happen. Well let me tell you then.

During the start-up week each household receives a starter pack in their mailbox that comprises of the following:

  • 2 clear plastic bags (the size of your normal black refuse bag)
  • Introduction letter (with all the official detail)
  • Recycling Manual that explains what can and cannot be recycled.


Sort what you wanna recycle and then make like such:


Waste Plan will provide you with one clear bag per week (one new clear bags for each full bag collected).

Is that all you say. Yes, that it. Easy as that.

Outstanding dont you think.

For more info visit WASTE PLAN.


~ by mcsavage on October 30, 2009.

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