Andre Agassi took crystal meth

Andre Agassi has admitted that he took crystal meth and lied to officials.

Whenever there was a game of street tennis (no net, just lines) i always used to call shotgun on Andre Agassi. Crazy mullet hair, luminous shoes, denim shorts..the dude was cool and so was i.

It all makes sense now though since Agassi has admitted to partaking in the crystal meth on numerous occasions. When he got bust in a drug test he blamed his tik using buddy Slim (hahahahahhhahaha) for spiking his drinks with the bad sh*t and then accidently (sure) drinking it. Officials accepted his story and lifted his suspension.


"You flushed it!!!?? Nooooooo"

His new book, Open: An Autobiography, reveals the following which occured in 1997 before his marriage to Brooke Shields:

“Slim is stressed too … He says, You want to get high with me? On what? Gack. What the hell’s gack? Crystal meth. Why do they call it gack? Because that’s the sound you make when you’re high … Make you feel like Superman, dude.

“As if they’re coming out of someone else’s mouth, I hear these words: You know what? F*** it. Yeah. Let’s get high.

“Slim dumps a small pile of powder on the coffee table. He cuts it, snorts it. He cuts it again. I snort some. I ease back on the couch and consider the Rubicon I’ve just crossed.

“I’m seized by a desperate desire to clean. I go tearing around my house, cleaning it from top to bottom. I dust the furniture. I scour the tub. I make the beds.”[TimesOnline]

See kids. Crystal meth is bad for you. You’ll end up cleaning your room and making all the beds in the house.


~ by mcsavage on October 29, 2009.

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