Giant orb spider discovered in South Africa

Yet another proudly South African moment. Sort of.

If you have a phobia of spiders then this is going to freak the crap out of you.

“Researchers have discovered an entirely new species of arachnid, and its gargantuan female members represent the largest of its family ever found.

Dubbed Nephila komaci, this sucker has a tip-to-tip leg span of about 12 centimetres, including a body almost four centimetres wide. To get an idea how big that is, imagine the size of a man’s hand or a small saucer.”[Yahoo]


"itsy witsy spider my ass"

Thats not the actual species, but its the same family. The new species of giant orb weaver spider was found in the Tembe Elephant Park in South Africa, but is very rare and needs immediate protection.

[more at TIMES ONLINE]


~ by mcsavage on October 21, 2009.

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