IOL writer says “Cape Town sucks”..

The gloves are off my friends.


Remember this name..Anne Stevens.. because she is the one responsible for the following piece of journalistic fuckery:

Cape Town sucks.

This may be a harsh judgment of the bedrock of South African history, but with one reluctant foot on the tip of the continent, its extremities in the water and heart yearning for Europe, this is hardly an African city.

Fuelled by tourist dollars, pounds and euros, it sets itself apart from the rest of the country with a hauteur that is infuriating.”

She continues with some more quality smack:

“Why does everyone regard this as the Holy Grail of South African cities? Am I the only person in the world who doesn’t want to spend a lot of time there?

Why, I don’t know. Capetonians are notoriously rude.”

The entire article “Cape Town, you can keep you mountain” deserves a round of applause because it is a magnificent example of ignorance, bitterness and general douchebaggery.

 If you dont wanna spend time in the “Holy Grail of South African cities” (by the way thats also incorrect..its the Holy Grail of ALL the cities in the world), then don’t. Simple as that hey. We dont need a grumpy, negative ,sour puss (say that like you live on the Cape Flats) bitching about our mountain.

Outrageous i tell you.


~ by mcsavage on October 14, 2009.

9 Responses to “IOL writer says “Cape Town sucks”..”

  1. Flippen hell yeah…
    Which country is she from?
    I know Capetonians can be ‘clicky’ but, rude? I think not,
    Africa in very well known for being the friendliest continent on the planet, even if its is collectively one of the poorest.

    Like you said, if she doesn’t like it…she should just stay home…

  2. […] IOL writer says “Cape Town sucks”.. « Life is Savage – view page – cached Remember this name..Anne Stevens.. because she is the one responsible for the following piece of journalistic fuckery: — From the page […]

  3. Don’t know much about Durbanites, although I do like them. They’re friendly and down to earth, not at all smug and self-satisfied. Johannesburgers are generally fast at getting things done. Capetonians are generally slower at getting things done. Those simply are the facts. There are exceptions, although one I do not like is on the roads, where they’re VERY fast and usually up your arse while talking on a cell phone, but never any traffic police to catch these moving violators. And why is it that no-one in CT knows that a faulty traffic light becomes a 4 way stop? You DO NOT all move into the middle of the intersection and block everyone from getting anywhere. Surely that’s common sense? Apparently not. And nothing is ever in stock here. Two very current examples: I tried to buy a Leica camera yesterday from a Leica stockist nogal. Not a fancy model, just a small, digital camera that I wanted that day as a birthday gift for a friend. It had to come from Jhb. Two days they said. Today I wanted a very common spare part for my wife’s 328i BMW. The part has to come from Jhb. Why is this? Its because no-one here ever complains. No-one is really that bothered. More’s nog ‘n dag. Its not a business town; its a tourist town and if its unfriendly, so what, so is Paris and Paris doesn’t suffer (now there’s a really and truly beautiful city that’s confident and not smug.) CT restaurants: plenty of value places. I think Anne Stevens was talking about the “top ten” that regularly vote each other onto the top ten lists. I’ve eaten at just about all of them. They’re mostly over-hyped, the food is over prepared, and they’re all over-priced for South Africa. Apart from some exceptions, the service is NOT good. But what absolutely gets my little goat is the slyness here. A waiter at a Green Point restaurant trying to induce my foreign clients into buying a bottle of SA wine at R1,000 until I told him to eff off in Afrikaans. He thought I was also a foreigner. Their sister establishment in the Waterfront NEVER has in stock the reasonably priced wine on its wine list, but they always have, and highly recommend, a hugely more expensive alternative, and when you have foreign clients, its a bit embarrassing to refuse it. A colleague of mine on the London Times once said “there’s nothing particularly special about any Cape Town restaurant.” I have to agree. The good ones are good but they’re no more special than a good restaurant anywhere else in the world. What does set them apart, is that tourists who could not ordinarily afford such quality in Europe, can afford it here. Unfortunately that is the level of tourist attracted to CT. Its still not a destination for high flying socialites – unless they’re flying from a tax man! – and then they just invent a title and gullible Capetonians are all a-fawning. But anyway, it is a pretty little town, as long as you exclude the Cape Flats, Mitchells Plein, the tin shack airport “suburbs”, Delft, Woodstock, Salt River …

    • And there’s something you all forget – yes, most Capetonians do NOT KNOW that if there is a truck (loaded) or a bakkie with a trailer (loaded) that leaves a space between the car in front – it is for safety sake not to be sqqqeeezed in by an ass on a cellphone (or not), totally oblivious of the poor guy behind’s swearing, sweating efforts to prevent a huge pile-up collision! Where did they get their licences? Well with all the corruption and incopotency in departments, need we ask? Yes, lake shoo!, those restaurants are bastards – I have nowhere else in the world come across the same sentiment. Then unfortunately there’s the other skelms – more in Cape Town (can’t really understand why)that rome the local building industry and take everybody for a ride. Beware… they bring their money here and then want to dictate (and not pay) as far as they go. All in all, maybe we can sum it up like this: we do love the wine, the mountain, the beach (when there’s no wind)and CapeTalk, but NOT the assholes and the traffic problems!
      A. Blouberg

  4. Love the chit chat here folks. Frankly i expected Capetonians to bear arms and hunt down Miss Stevens, but alas they approached the situation much like they do everything else down here in the lazy fishing village..with a little apathy,some disenchanment and a sideorder of nonchalant.

    I wholeheartedly agree with the comments mentioned above. The traffic sucks, standards of driving are shocking and service can at times be a nightmare.Lets not even mention the laziness. But you see..we all know that.. and along with the mountain,the beaches etc its what makes Cape Town..well Cape Town. We dont need someone from Durban telling us what we already know..especially in such an arrogant and negative manner. I wouldnt even contemplate bad mouthing the other major cities (even if i did it would be in a lighthearted manner), but then again i am from Cape Town and that sounds like too much of an effort. Think ill rather head on over to Camps Bay and catch come sun.

  5. Well, Anne Stevens, you are more than welcome to stay at home and keep your negative attitude to yourself and fellow countrymen. You will find that we will do just fine without you and that we happen to be quite happy in this beautiful city. It’s beauty aside, the diverse culture (look it up in the dictionary, you may not find it where you’re from) adds to the magic of this city and far from being rude, the people are, in fact, rather friendly and welcoming. In fact, one of my fellow friends and resident of CT had this farewell for you – ‘Jou ma se p*$!’

  6. Being a proudly “new” Capetonian (moved here last year), from Europe, I can just say, CT is a great place. Never compare cities, countries, whatever. Each place is it’s own. Usually, when you don’t like a place you visit, it’s because you have other issues, irritating you. Just look around – gorgeous nature, open people, greatest food and wine (and not as pretentious as in Euorope or US), top music scene, viby, ambitious, and striving to acomplish something better. How many cities in Europe and US can say they have that? Yes, lots of problems, but so much potential as well.

  7. Well said Mary… much happiness always…

  8. Anne Stevens article was churlish, unjustified, and to use one of her typical culinary adjectives – suckish. Hopefully she will be ‘red-lined’ at CT Airport and be deported to Somalia where her skills as a writer and food critic might be better appreciated. But i am sure her welcome there will be short lived and they will send her off somewhere else.

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