The Baby Chronicles: 38 weeks 3 days

D-day. Dylan-day is 12 October. Tomorrow. Hectic.

I just spoke to the mom and guess what she did this morning? At 7am this morning she did the 5 kilometer Gun Run (ok she walked but still!)..just one day before she is schedueled to have her baby. Props lady.

Can you believe that it went so quickly. It felt like yesterday that i started the Baby Chronicles and now little Dylan is due to unleash his awesomeness on planet earth at 8 am tomorrow morning *insert superman soundtrack here*. The change of date from the 14th was purely logistical and dad is slightly bummed that it couldn’t coincide with his best friend’s birthday. 

Its safe to say that the momma is as nervous as a cat in a room filled with rocking chairs. She has spent the last week getting everything ready. What to wear in the hospital and what to bring for Dylan to wear has been quite a dilemma apparently (dad picked out a Western Province blue and white striped rugby jersey..yes i know..pray for him). No baby momma drama except for some health insurance issues ( mom says 100% health cover does NOT mean that everything will be payed for) and some tears when she spoke with her own mom who won’t be able to be there tomorrow. Momma is still petrified of the anaesthetic injection, but everyone has reassured her that it will be over so quickly that she wont even remember it. Baby Dylan is still breeched and at his last weigh-in he tipped the scales at 3.1 kilos.  I couldn’t decide which image i should include in this weeks post, but dad came to the rescue and suggested i include all the tummy pictures from week 8 till week 38 (quite possibly the smartest thing he’s said….ever).


Dad is less nervous and seems to be more focused on what breast milk is gonna taste like, why women put cabbage leaves on their nipples and whether or not Dylan is gonna have blue or brown eyes. Typical.  Dad has also asked me to find out from my readers what his first words to baby Dylan should be (see comment box below). Lets help him out here folks because if we don’t, im pretty sure he’s gonna go with “who’s you daddy?”.

Exciting times ahead folks. The next baby chronicles post will be a whole lot different and  im sure ill have plenty to tell ya.


~ by mcsavage on October 11, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Baby Chronicles: 38 weeks 3 days”

  1. LOL…i bet he wont say anything. He’s probably gonna cry! Anyone who’s had a child will tell you that its the most magical experience and just holding him is gonna be amazing. I think the first word i said was just “hi”. Hope everything goes well.

  2. He’s gonna be the best dad ever! He should say “hello baby Dylan,its me your daddy. I love you and i will take care of you forever and ever!”

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