South Africa has talent..NOT.

Once again the SABC has displayed superb levels of fuckery. This time on SABC 2 with its South Africa Has Talent Show. I may well be the only person in the country to have watched it, but i felt i needed to set the record straight just incase a tourist may  have accidently tuned in. did they get the licence to call this show “SA’s Got Talent”…it was embarrassing at the highest levels. What was the budget for this R100? I even felt sorry for Randall (of Idols fame) who is one of the judges. His ass must want to shoot itself. The Cape Town auditions were a shocker..not a single person on the show demonstrated any degree of talent what so ever. I swear one  of the contestant was on TIK.


Well done guys are doing an outstanding job of showing the world how backwardly retarded this country is. The 2010 World Cup is nearly upon us and you guys are already making us look like assholes.

Just incase you missed the last SABC cock up CLICK HERE.

UPDATE: This article was posted immediately after the first show. Since then it has improved somewhat and i take back what i initially said..there is talent in SA ..its just taken a while for it to show up. Tonight (12th November) is the final and ill let you know which act walks away as the winner as soon as it happens.


~ by mcsavage on October 8, 2009.

One Response to “South Africa has talent..NOT.”

  1. “…showing the world how backwardly retarded this country is.” well then at least it’s a true reflection if your blog is anything to go by.

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