Turner Prize 2009..”but is it art Jeeves?”

The Turner Prize 2009 exhibition at the Tate Gallery will open to the public tomorrow and this years four finalists are once again going balls to the wall to redefine the meaning of contemporary art.

Dont know what the Turner Prize is? Well then..lets read together shall we:

“The Turner Prize, now in its 25th year, is arguably the world’s most recognised and prestigious award for contemporary art. The exhibition presents the very best of current British visual art with the intention of stimulating a lively exchange of opinions.”

Sounds like pompous British ( is that why they call them poms?) drivel if you ask me, but hey lets all take a look two of  this years candidates and pretend to be art critics for a day. First up is Roger Hiorns who previously won acclaim for this:


You know those blue copper sulphate crystals you used to grow in a jar in science..well this dude filled a whole room with them. Pretty schweet if you ask me..so far so good.

Next we have Enrico Davids:

Enrico Davids

 What the….if that’s supposed to be a glory hole then he’s doing it wrong. That looks like a picture Chris L sent me from one of his office parties. If you think that this is art then please enlighten me..because all i see is guy doing some serious clenching.

The other two finalists are Lucy Skaer (skull of a sperm whale) and Richard Wright (gold-leaf wall). I give up..this art critic sh*t is beyond me.

For more info visit The Turner Prize


~ by mcsavage on October 7, 2009.

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