South African wins 7 gold medals in the pool..goes unnoticed.

Life is Savage would just like to give credit where credit is due and let all you folks know that even our hearing impaired athletes have been rocking the world of sports…and unfortunately it has gone relatively unnoticed.

This should be a genuine “Proudly South African” story, but instead it just exposes the lack of interest in a remarkable achievement that wasn’t tainted by controversy or some other drama. (a la Caster Semenya).

This is the story of Terence Parkin:

Last month, the 29-year-old raced to seven gold medals at the World Deaflympics that took place in Taipei, setting two new world deaf records in the 200-metres freestyle and 1 500-metres freestyle and breaking five Deaflympics championships records. In the middle of the championships, he hopped onto his bicycle to earn a bronze medal in the 94-kilometre road race.

Did you get that? This chap picks up 7 gold medal,smashes a couple of world records then hops on a bike and grabs a bronze. Why did you or i not know about this? Exactly. This sh*t should be front page news, but instead Terence arrived in South Africa and guess what happened:

“Terence arrived home with a hoard of medals around his neck to be greeted by not one iota of recognition by the SA media, sports bodies, or government sporting officials even though they had been informed of his achievements as the Deaflympics progressed.”


WTF? This dude is a hero ( the rest of the world thinks so too by the way) and we give him no props or recognition. The most outstanding deaf athlete on the planet and he gets ignored in his own country. Come now. Life is Savage would just like to officially say : “well done Terence..proud of you mate..your achievements are awesome”.

[Source: The Witness]

(Thanks Reinier)


~ by mcsavage on October 5, 2009.

3 Responses to “South African wins 7 gold medals in the pool..goes unnoticed.”

  1. Ai Ai, yeah life is fucked up and un-fair!!

  2. I cannot agree with you more. Well done Terence, at least this South African is proud of you!!

  3. Great work Terence, you rock!, this is why blogging is such a powerful platform!

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