Woman flashes vagina on So You Think You Can Dance.

A contestant on So You Think You Can Dance ( USA) decided to bust out a new dance move called ” watch-me-flash-my-bagina”.

American television has sunk to new outstanding levels of lowness with this one folks. The media here in South Africa has been bold of late, what with the liberal use of the f-word and even the c-word [ask Seth at 2oceansvibe..he’s on it] , but i doubt throwing around some poon is gonna make it onto SABC. Mind you , i dont think they need the  attention  after that Survivor China sh*tstorm [here]

This woman on SYTYCD was so overwhelmed by the judges comments that she fell on the floor and said thank you with her vagina. Respect. I watched the video( since been removed from youtube) and i’m blind as i write this..im using my spare braille keyboard.


If you really,really wanna see ( yes Ryan..i know you want to) then head on over to The Huffington Post.


~ by mcsavage on September 30, 2009.

One Response to “Woman flashes vagina on So You Think You Can Dance.”

  1. Ouch… but funny though. – sablogs.tel

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