The Baby Chronicles: 36 weeks 4 days

25.09.09 020Any day now! Hectic. Mom already has her hospital bag packed and i think its finally dawned on dad that things could get crazy at any moment from now on. Apparently mom is sleeping like a baby ( 12 hours straight is the usual) and its dad that not getting any shuteye ( he blames it on the momma’s new snoring habit ) and its making him a little cranky.


Before i forget, i just wanna congratulate M & A on the arrival of their little boy. As well as M & I. All the best. Any tips are most welcome as im afraid the dad may need as much help as he can get.

So, where was i.. ah yes. Mom and dad went to see Dr Zinn again last week and all is still well..apart from the little guy still being breeched. Seems like 25.09.09 026all that fuss about whether or not a natural birth was an option may well have been for nothing. The big question now is which day the caesarean should be schedueled for. The good doc suggested the 12th,14th or 16th. Since the 16th is a Friday the mom was keen on that day, but found out later that alot of the support staff are not on duty during the weekend. So mom chose the 14th ( actually dad did since it turns out its his best friend’s birthday  on that day). Mom then stressed that the 14th was too late and the fear of going into labour made her veto the decision and choose the 12th instead. Dad wasn’t too bummed since he realised that in future  baby Dylan is gonna share his big day with Chad,Alex and Chris, all of whom are having bithdays that week. Good times.

Mom and dad also went to see the pedeatrician ( spelling please) who they said was quite a lovely lady. She  had some comforting words and reassured siennathe mom that she will make sure everything goes smoothly. She also had some new advice to dish out. Apparently the 3rd day after baby Dylan is born is “baby blues day” when the mom is gonna bawl her eyes out (hormones changing and what not). The pedeatrician also suggested that the momma buy a nipple cream ( dad is laughing i bet you ) that she must apply because babies are vicious and have been known to tear off nipples (just kidding).

After visiting the lady doc the mom and dad went to Kingsbury hospital to do a tour of the maternity ward and meet the nursing sisters. It just so happened that a baby had just been born and dad got to witness first hand what a newborn looks like and this is what he had to say:

” wow…babies are really pink hey? Its just like in the stand behind these glass (or perspex..i couldnt tell) windows while the nurses wash the kid. They shake and cry really loudly( the baby not the nurses). was kinda cool to watch how everyone looked so happy. It was like being at the arrivals terminal at the airport. Babies are cool. I cant wait till Dylan rocks that maternity ward. And they give out free cookies in that place. Awesome.”

Oh Lord help that poor kid. Dad sent an attachment with that message. I have no words.


UPDATE: seems like the due date has been changed back to the 14th. Mom says uncle Chad wants Dylan to arrive on his birthday and auty Karen mumbled something about a superstition thats its bad luck to get a present on Monday’s or Friday’s.


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One Response to “The Baby Chronicles: 36 weeks 4 days”

  1. What a great idea to do these chronicles!!! Hope you do have some time, dad, to keep us posted AFTER the birth!!! I’ve been through it all with… 3 boys, now 15, 13 and 10.5. A lot of magical moments are coming your way!!!… Good luck!!!

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