The most controversial covers in magazine history

Here’s one for all you creative types. I was chatting last night to someone in advertising and asked if she had seen the article over at web designer depot about the the most controversial magazine covers of all time and she said  “no, i havn’t”. Fair enough.

So i put two and two together and realised that it was a desperate plee for Life is Savage to make sure everyone at her advertising agency gets some inspiration today, comes up with a killer idea and then attributes it to me. Take a quick peek at these two examples of attention grabbing magazine covers:


Note the use of the letter M as devil horns. “Accident of their masthead design, or subtle editorial statement?” Hey.. bet you’d never have thought of that.

national lampoon

Remember this was prephotoshop days, so thats a genuine “WTF-are-you-doing” expression from the dog.

For more excellent controversial covers (there are lots and its worth while checking out) compiled by Angela West go visit WEB DESIGNER DEPOT.


~ by mcsavage on September 25, 2009.

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