Water found on the moon.Its official.

True story. Or at least thats what the geeks say.

Some pretty heavyweight sources have reported that water has been found on the moon. Ok if you’re like me then you are probably picturing a decent size pond that you can bombdrop into, but sadly thats not the case.

This is what Reuters had to say:

Three separate missions examining the moon have found clear evidence of water there, apparently concentrated at the poles and possibly formed by the solar wind. The reports, to be published in the journal Science on Friday, show the water may be actively moving around, forming and reforming as particles mixed up in the dust on the surface of the moon.”[REUTERS]



" marco......polo"

See now thats what i pictured (in my mind), but apparently its alot less cool. The science behind it is interesting though and if that stuff floats your boat (thanks thats all mine)  then go read the following links:

Scientific American

Wired Science



~ by mcsavage on September 24, 2009.

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