South Africa to host England soccer team in 200 million Rand base camp?!

Vomit.Yes…feel free because that headline makes me want to hurl chunks too. South Africa are forking out 20 million pounds building the Royal Bafokeng Sports Campus that England have reportedly secured as their base camp for the 2010 World Cup.


The complex is situated on 133 acres and includes private balconies, 3 swimming pools, jacuzzis, lounges, gyms, an athletic track, and four grass and four artificial football turfs.A medical centre is also included as well as a a 26-acre private safari for the players in case they want to take in some wild animals while they are down here.That and some of the beds are custom made to fit lanky players like Peter Crouch. If they dont fancy a safari then  they can always practice on some Playstations or Wii console which have been provided.


England manager,Fabio Capello, has apparently “been heavily involved, according to George Khunou, chief executive of Royal Bafokeng Sports, the company driving the BSC project.” Capello has kissed so much ass that he has reportedly made sure that England are reportedly getting a bargain for this exclusive use.

 “They have made no capital contribution to the project and the four weeks – if they reach the semis – is expected to cost them just £3m.”[ MAIL ONLINE]

Did you read that last bit.. it said “IF” they reach the semi’s… bwwwwwwaaaahhahaha…oh and did i mention that the entire complex is gonna be surrounded by a 8 ft high electric fence to keep out the “paparazzi”…ya whatever.

For more info and pictures of the complex, including the rooms and outside structure visit: The Sun and Luxury Insider


~ by mcsavage on September 22, 2009.

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