Man U vs Man City:great game,crap result.

I dont generally post anything regarding Manchester United, but yesterday was bullsh*t of the highest order.Man U pulled out a win against Manchester City in the 6th minute of extra time..yes the 6th minute.There were only supposed to be 4 minutes(even that was too long) , but the referee counted wrong because he was distracted by Sir Alex’s finger mentally tickling his underballs.

Granted Man City should have lost the match anyway and managed to level the scores 3-3 at full time, but why the hell did the ref add so much extra time?..and it always happens when Man U are playing.Not complaining..just saying.

For the full match report go HERE.

On seperate note,Craig Bellamy vented some of his frustration at a fan who ran on the field.Booya.Take that Arnold Vosloo.



~ by mcsavage on September 21, 2009.

One Response to “Man U vs Man City:great game,crap result.”

  1. That’s not cool. He should be suspended. It was a good match.

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