Missing Kitty in Sea Point

This is not right.Seldom does Life is Savage go on a rampage, but what would you say if this was YOUR kitty and someone decided to take her…thought so …..you’d be mad as #$%* too right?

Just look at this face..


This is Leia..and she probably has the sads because somebody decided that it was a good idea to seperate her from her now heart-broken owner.She went missing aound the Sea Point Spar near the circle and has been gone for almost a week.If anyone has her or has seen her please let me know because taking cats( especially one as pretty as this one) in just NOT on.

If you happen to find her and reunite her with her owner i will personally make it my mission to let the world know what a legend you are.Thanks.Much appreciated.


~ by mcsavage on September 18, 2009.

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