HTT Pléthore LC750: Canadians have a supercar eh!

Can you believe it..not all Canadians use dog sleds..i know i was blown away too eh(see what i did sick)?

Some how they managed to take some time off from building igloos,playing with their pet beavers (ha) and drinking maple syrup eh ( see i did it again) to build a genuine super car..

Ok..enough now..this is what im on aboot (ffs..somebody please stop me).Behold the HTT Pléthore LC750:


and another one just incase you dont like the angle..


What do think? Is this a worthy addition to the supercar league? I like..not sure if i want one..ok twisted my leg ..its going in my garage..when i get one…a garage that is.

For the specs and more info and what not go HERE

PS.. i love Canadians.True story.


~ by mcsavage on September 18, 2009.

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