Rocking the Daisies 2009…

Its that time of year again folks..Rocking the Daisies is nearly here and this one looks like its gonna be a cracker. 10 000 people(yes that is alot) rocked up last year and more are expected to head on up to the Cloof Wine Estate in Darling for this years event which takes place from October 9 to the 11th.


Before i hit you with the lineup ( wait for it..its sick) i’ve been informed that many of last years glitches have been sorted. The mud problem has hopefully been rectified with drainage ditches and run-off sections while the toilet issue has been addressed. Ladies will no longer have to queue with the gents..yes i know some of you actually like spading the boys while waiting for the shitter but the rest of you can use the Daisy area dedicated to women who need the bog or a shower (lesbians go yay). The parking area has also been seperated from the camping section while security peeps and marshals have increased in number.


The organisers have also gone green this year adding a Green Room which includes the WWF (the wildlife dudes). There is also green travel via the  Walking the Daisies initiative as well as a Cycling the Daisies event. Other sponsers include Red Bull and Levi’s who will be showing off their recycled jeans range.

Yes enough with the chit chat..who’s playing this year is what you wanna know right?  Well check out the main stage lineup:


Sick..i can’t wait. Even my homeboy Gazelle [HERE] is gonna be there..fresh from his conquering tour of Europe. Other main acts include Just Jinger,Prime Circle and Freshlyground. There is also the Red Bull marquee which will keep the electronic fans happy as well as a comedy tent. For more info and where to buy tickets and what not, do yourself a favour and visit the official website..everything you need to know and more is right here..just a click away ROCKING THE DAISIES.COM


~ by mcsavage on September 17, 2009.

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