3D Stereogram Tetris..retard alert!

Now here’s one those things that will make you a legend at the office..or make you feel like a complete retard.Some bright spark (not me) decided to get clever with the Tetris game and modified it so its only visible to a select few because its in 3D stereogram format.You remember those posters that you had to squint or unfocus to see..all those cocky asses who stood in the shopping mall asking smugly if you could see it? Well now you can feel stupid all over again only this time its harder since the image is not static but moving in the form of the age old Tetris game.


 If you can’t even see the Tetris blocks  in the above image then don’t even bother clicking the play button…loser!


~ by mcsavage on September 15, 2009.

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