The Baby Chronicles: 34 weeks 4 days

1 Month to go and the tension and anticipation is starting to make everyone excited (dad even got a call from Caprice’s Dave to find out when he should install the baby seat at the bar)! Could be any day now ,especially when you speak with someone who had their baby at 35 34 weeksweeks..the day after their baby shower! The momma is now the poster woman for someone who is fully pregnant. She is walking like a duck good and proper..small steps with feet pointed outward. Even climbing a few stairs is tiring and getting in and out of the car or bed is a mission. Calf cramps and lower back pain is an everyday occurance. The momma weighs in at 180 pounds (81.5 kilos) which puts her total weight gain at more than 20 kilos! Im told that some women gain lots of weight while others don’t and it depends entirely on your weight before pregnancy relative to your height…which would mean that the momma was underweight to start with.

The mom and dad went to see the good Doctor Zinn at Kingsbury who performed an ultrasound and confirmed that baby Dylan was all good ( apart kingsbury from maybe having a larger than normal says thanks Chad!).The baby is still in a breech position ,but there is still time for him to turn though. I did some research and i was amazed to find out that there are actually ways to turn a breech baby.Listen to this.. you can visualise him turning several times a day,stand on your head(preferably in a pool????), put headphones in your pants low down and play music,use a flashlight to ultrasoundguide him down,massage him into position and my favourite… put a clothes pin on the small toe of each foot (acupuncture point)! I was initially hestitant to write these suggestions because i know for sure dad is gonna try them..but i realised even he will find them loopy.The scan on the left is hard to make out but the baby is facing towards you with his arm and hand(closed fist) touching his forehead ( dad says its his thinking pose).You can see his nose and mouth and dark eye area.The round white section below the dark area is his cheek.

Mom is getting ready for the big day and has schedueled a trip to the maternity ward this week  to meet a nurse and also the pedeatrician.They will answer some questions and it will also give mom and dad a chance to get acquainted with the hospital surroundings.Other than that they seem pretty organised. Mom is anxious ,but unlike other moms she spoke to she is not so eager to want baby Dylan to come out.She even cried the other day because she wanted him to stay in there forever!Well it may not be long before he decides he has had enough of being in there so watch this space!In the mean time,dad sent me this to put things into perspective..if the idea of having just one kid makes you nervous then spare a thought for this poor woman who had sextuplets!


~ by mcsavage on September 14, 2009.

4 Responses to “The Baby Chronicles: 34 weeks 4 days”

  1. The potential of the human mind and will is an untapped resource which most people simply overlook. I know your visualization exercises will work to correct your baby’s position, as long as you believe they will work too. Daily meditation and visualization is the key.

    • Great advice there Sam. I think of all the number of ways recommended to help turn the baby, visualisation is the one i’d go for too. The mind is indeed remarkable.

  2. oh my goodness!poor thing! have fun raising them!haha!

  3. nice kate

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