Caster Semenya: yes, a secret man

You like that? Or maybe the Rain Man inside you didn’t quite latch onto the fact the if you rearrange the letters of Caster Semenya you get the anagram “yes,a secret man”..true story…i have no idea who the hell spotted that one but im claiming that it was me.


UPDATE : In typical Australian (how-do-you-find-sheep-in-long-grass?.awesome mate) form the Ozzies are the first to report that the test results are in and Caster Semenya is  “a hermaphrodite with no womb or ovaries”..or to put it in laymans terms..she has Lady Gaga syndrome.

“Quoting a source close to the International Association of Athletics Federations, the Sydney Daily Telegraph said Semenya had internal testes – male sexual organs which produce testosterone and which in turn produces muscle bulk, body hair and a deep voice.” [Full article in the Dailymail online]

On a completely seperate and unrelated note the Williams sisters have just gone on a extended vacation.


~ by mcsavage on September 11, 2009.

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