What were you doing at nine minutes past nine this morning? Hope it was something memorable (number 2 for me..always special)  because at that moment the time and date were..

                                                          09.09 09-09-09

Today is the last of the single digit dates for another 1001 years and im no believer in numerology or anything but these bat sh*t facts made me wonder whether there is indeed something to it.

September the 9th is the 252 day of the year..add those numbers up and you get  9…duh.Add up 09-09-09.. and you  get 27…which adds up to..nooit..9.The date falls on a Wednesday which has 9 letters in it and its in September which has ..yep…9 letters.And for all the those real nutjobs out there..the numbers 999 upside down are….ooooohhhhh.



~ by mcsavage on September 9, 2009.

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