Glamour Magazine girl on page 194 :

Woman everywhere have been going bananas over a photograph pictured in Glamour Magazine’s September issue  on page 194 depicting a naked girl that accompanies an article about feeling comfortable in your skin.The positive reaction has resonated across the internet and one would think that the era of the size zero model is well and truly over.Somebody even commented that  it was “The most amazing photograph I’ve ever seen in any women’s magazine.”

lizzie miller

Life is Savage went to see what the deal  was and i must say i am impressed.Nothing wrong with a little nekkidness or some healthy curves especially if the person is displaying such happyness and happens to be attractive.Im just…well…her tummy…it makes me want to laugh..but im holding it wrong?Are you asking yourself the same question?It looks very it has has a life of its own and just smoked some chronic and now it cant  keep it together…hey??

Full props though to Lizzie Miller ( the model ) and to Glamour for showing what real unphotoshopped women look like because we are sick and tired of looking at that other Miller.


~ by mcsavage on September 8, 2009.

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