Michael Moore’s new movie “Capitalism: A Love Story”

Michael Moore’s new movie doesn’t deviate much from his previous installments and will undoubtedly add lube to conspiracy theory boners.This time round he picks on the bankers behind the recent economic crisis and those guilty of corporate greed.Stale subject matter but still relevant since they all point in the direction of the main evil of capitilism itself and the fact that the world is run by a few dudes who have their own agenda.

I havn’t seen the movie yet but im sure Moore is dishing out the same old sh*t that makes me want to punch him in the ball bag.He has no game…all he is good at is making people who already have his views agree and shout even louder : “see i told you”.Maybe its just me, but his smug attitude pisses me off…or maybe its because he got fat again and is still wearing that dumb ass baseball cap. Its hard to take a guy that looks like a douchebag seriously.


~ by mcsavage on September 7, 2009.

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