Dall House : could this be the most expensive resort ever?

Life is Savage has already put in an application for membership at this little hideaway in Scotland.Im pretty sure they will accept an IOU.Im good for it..i swear.

It hasn’t even been built yet but already its making the mega rich folk around the planet drool.Dall House is to be situated at Kinloch Rannoch, Scotland.

Sign up fee is a mere 2 million pounds and the annual membership will set you back 500 000 pounds.The crappiest room goes for 6000 pounds a night, while deluxe accomodation is around the 14 000 pound mark.

And if you are worried that the riff raff might be allowed in ,dont stress.”Members of the exclusive club would be expected to have minimum liquid assets of £100 million.” ya whatever…. keep your kak resort to yourself..it rains in Scotland all the time.. im happy in Cape Town.



~ by mcsavage on September 4, 2009.

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