R 15 000 for best picture of Cape Town

For real..i sh*t you not.

A once-off  15 000 rand (thats SA ront) cash prize is up for grabs for snapping  the best picture of Cape Town.Any inspirational photo will do..you dont even need to be a pro.. they will even accept cell phone images (ya whatever..like you gonna win with one of those) .Check it… i found this on the The Next 48 hours website:

15 k photo

See now im all for such a competition that promotes our magic city but i tried going to all the links they mentioned in this article and for the life of me i cant find any competition as such that says submit photo here and you could win 15 thousand Rand??!!Quite perplexing but im giving them the benefit of the doubt and it would be really appreciated if nicole@capetown.travel can please comment on this post and clarify matters hey?? What do you say Nicole? Let us know exactly how we can win the cash please.

I think im gonna submit this picture of Camps Bay..what do you recon? So savage right, and my caption?…BAM ..thanks for coming..i just owned it.

"Picture of Camps Bay :15 ooo Rand, Living in Cape Town : priceless"

"Picture of Camps Bay :15 ooo Rand, Living in Cape Town : priceless"


~ by mcsavage on September 1, 2009.

2 Responses to “R 15 000 for best picture of Cape Town”

  1. Priceless indeed!!
    I’ll take you on, though…

    I can whip your pick and CT Tourism prize ……


  2. Update : the kind folks at capetown.travel have finally provided some concrete links.
    Go here to see how to submit your photo :


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