The Baby Chronicles: 32 weeks 4 days..the baby shower.

2 months to go..getting closer..can’t believe 7 months went by so quickly!Skipped last weeks post because the momma was supposed to go for another ultrasound (apparently she has to go every two weeks now) but she ended up missing her appointment due to a photoshoot..its the third one she’s done in the last 2 weeks and Dylan is already a star! The clients used one of his ultrasound pictures and momma had to sign a release form..kinda cool hey?!

profile chart

First line 8 weeks,last line 32 weeks

So the new appointment is schedueled for tomorrow and ill post the images when mom and dad forward them to me and also let you know what the good doctor has in store for the big day.In the mean time let me update whats been going on ..Momma still picking up weight(171.5 pounds/77 kgs) and its starting to affect her says she has to do a side roll and heave-ho while getting up and walking is taking on a duck-like waddle appearance.Dylan seems to also have lots of fun stomping on moms bladder causing her to pee like 20 times a day and the Braxton Hicks contractions are coming more frequently causing slight discomfort.Baba Dylan’s movements are much stronger now and loud noises make him jump( dad says it keeps him on his toe’s!). He can also tell the difference in temperature now and placing a hot pad on momma’s belly will more often than not make him shift or kick like a grasshopper.

Baby fact for the week: Dylan has blue eyes.. huh?! Thats what i thought  too but apparently at this stage all babies have blue eyes and depending on genetics, the colour may stay or change from now until birth or after he is born.

Mom also had the baby shower last week and i was in attendance (yes me.. the mom and dad are quite the new age couple and invited both men and women to the baby shower..nice).I had no idea what to expect and mom was so overwhelmed that she cried at first sight of the all guests.Dad sent me this press release (thats what the he called it..blame him) :

“You have no idea how much it means to the momma that everyone is so nice to her.I see how much it means to her that so many people went out and got presents and made her feel special.She still cant believe how many things she recieved and how many people are so exited and happy that she is about to have a baby.When i see how happy she is, it makes me realise how amazing our friends are and how lucky Dylan is to be surrounded by people that care so much and have so much  light and happyness to give.Thank you everyone for being so amazing.Much appreciated and much love to all of you.”

Another momma at the baby shower..

Another momma at the baby shower.. is quite a softy hey?!But its so obvious how much he loves the momma..sometimes he doesn’t show  it but i know that there is nobody on this planet that loves her more than he does.Sh*t im getting all emotional now..ok till next week folks.


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